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Feb 28 2022

Miss Trump’s Foreign Policy Yet?

The only way Republicans can lose in 2024 is if Trump is the candidate; he is too old and too many voters will say, been there, done that. That said, Trump’s foreign policy was excellent, in stark contrast to the current trainwreck — as Russia’s aggression highlights.

After Obama promised he would have “more flexibility” to suck up to Russians after the 2012 election, Putin annexed Crimea. After Biden let Taliban savages leave a sandleprint on the seat of our pants in Afghanistan, Putin went after the rest of Ukraine. Sixty-two percent of Americans understand that this would not have happened were Trump still in the White House.

Watch Trump explain to Germans why they should not let Russia use energy to achieve leverage over them:

They responded with foolish laughter:

Who’s laughing now? Putin is. Germany has shut down half its nuclear plants, and the USA is in no position to replace Russia as an energy supplier thanks to Democrats’ relentless bureaucratic attack on energy production, which includes not only oil and gas but even nuclear and hydroelectric.

Meanwhile, Biden naps in his Delaware basement, and other Democrats address the problem by begging Saudi Arabia (which is not our friend) to sell more oil while our own oil sits in the ground because they literally believe this will improve the weather.

Are liberals learning anything from the disastrous consequences of replacing Trump with Biden? MSNBC answers the question:

Not even the hardest of lessons can separate fools from their folly when they isolate themselves from reality in a realm of sheer moonbattery.

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