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Feb 26 2022

Feds Move to Shut Down Nuclear Power in Florida

One of the lessons of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is that Europe never should have let itself become so dependent on Russian energy, which it did in part by letting leftists strangle its nuclear power industry. Yet we read this:

Federal officials have reversed a decision to allow a South Florida nuclear power plant to continue running for another 30 years by ordering a new review of potential environmental risks, including those posed by climate change.

Among the advantages of nuclear energy is that even liberals admit it has no impact on the supposedly problematic climate, as it generates no carbon dioxide. But environmentalists have a new angle. They claim that the Florida plant will become flooded because it was foretold by their prophet Al Gore that climate change will cause the seas to rise.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued an order Thursday to reverse a 2019 decision by a previous, Republican-led commission to extend Florida Power & Light’s operating license for two reactors at the Turkey Point nuclear power plant until 2052 and 2053, respectively.

The plant is on Biscayne Bay, south of Miami.

FPL has previously said rising sea levels and other climate factors won’t compromise operations of the reactors…

Democrats will let politically motivated bureaucrats in Washington be the judge of that.

When Biden’s puppeteers picked the perverted freak Sam Brinton to become Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, some might have shrugged and wondered what difference it makes what kind of unseen bureauweenies run these regulatory agencies. Turns out they have tremendous power, so it does matter who runs them.

In this case, orders may have come down from the very top, since under Ron DeSantis, Florida has become a bête noire for Democrats, representing a flourishing sanctuary from Covid tyranny and excessive taxation.

Florida isn’t alone though:

Besides the reversal at Turkey Point, the NRC also reversed a license extension for the Peach Bottom nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. Days after taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden named Democrats to take over the NRC and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The agencies have been reevaluating decisions made by Republican-led panels under former President Donald Trump…

Biden’s war on energy does not stop with fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is efficient; therefore, progressives oppose it. What leftist kooks did to New York by closing Indian Point (which was supplying 25% of NYC’s power), Democrats plan to inflict throughout the country.

Like Europe, the USA will remain dependent on Russian energy, thanks to moonbattery. This is bad news for the Baltic States, which may meet the fate of Ukraine despite being in NATO. When all is said and done, we have to keep the lights on.

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