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Jul 10 2021

Gaslight This, Democrat Liars

Of all the lies we have been fed by Democrats, possibly the most arrogantly outrageous is the claim that it is not them but Republicans who have pushed the insane policy of defunding the police so as to let crime flourish.

As The Blaze reports, even the left-wing Washington Post gave the Biden’s Handlers Administration three Pinocchios.

No wonder they hate our flag. They truly do despise us, to think we could be duped into falling for such brazen gaslighting.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and Democrats have always been staunch supporters of law & order, unlike the radical left GOP — except that Winston Smith neglected to stuff down the memory hole this Republican Study Committee compilation of Democrats demanding police be defunded:

Meanwhile, leftist politicians like Buffalo’s next mayor, India B. Walton, continue to demonize police and promise to defund them, even as the public finally wakes up to the malevolent lunacy of the anarchotyrannical Black Lives Matter/Democrat Party agenda.

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