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May 25 2021

George Will Equates January 6 With September 11

As documented here and elsewhere, America faces disgraceful ruin at the hands of an enemy within — namely, the leftists in the process of consolidating absolute power. To make matters worse, the opposition has also been enervated and corrupted by its own enemy within. Some Republican politicians knife their own party in the back in return for 30 pieces of praise from the liberal media. Supposedly conservative media figures include fifth column columnists like George Will, who compares a few hundred yahoos allowed to trespass in the Capitol with 3,000 Americans murdered by Islamic terrorists:

“I would like to see January 6 as burned into the American mind as firmly as 9/11.”

Yes, Will really said this:

That’s why Will supports a 9/11-style commission, that is, a gala theatrical extravaganza intended to keep the sheep focused on demonizing anyone Dems can manage to associate with the one riot liberals don’t approve of rather than the far more alarming developments currently emerging, such as a multipronged attack on our system of government (institutionalizing voter fraud, packing the Supreme Court, packing the Senate, etc.), incipient hyperinflation, and a government-facilitated foreign invasion.

Osama bin Laden has been replaced as the personification of evil by the Buffalo Guy. The Democrat Party/establishment media wants to make a monster of anyone who objects to voter fraud in the runup to establishing indefinite single-party rule with the For the People Act.

George Will demonstrates how you get to be a token “conservative” on left-wing propaganda programs like This Week. “Even I, as conservative, agree that all conservatives should be impaled on stakes…”

Meanwhile, the USA faces lawlessness that puts even the fearsome Buffalo Guy into perspective. For example, Minneapolis continues to flounder in anarchy due to a predictable shortage of police. Spiking violent crime has highlighted the insanity of the movement to defund the police. The recent street violence against Jews by Hamas supporters in American cities reflects the inevitability of bad people exploiting lawless conditions.

Even the Clintonista James Carville is denouncing the “faculty lounge politics” of the Biden Administration, which is hardly likely to reassert law & order. However, Biden’s handlers surely approve of Trump supporters being locked in solitary confinement for months on end, largely on trespassing and disorderly conduct charges. The term for the form of government we will have under single-party Democrat rule is anarchotyranny.

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