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Mar 29 2024

Global Warming and the Leap Second

Due to leftism, America is sinking into decline, giving us real problems to worry about and making it ever more likely people will roll their eyes when confronted with leftists shrieking about their imaginary climate crisis. So they try different angles. Now they want us to believe it impacts Father Time:

One day in the next couple of years, everyone in the world will lose a second of their time. Exactly when that will happen is being influenced by humans, according to a new study, as melting polar ice alters the Earth’s rotation and changes time itself.

Per Democrat ideology, the melting polar ice is caused by the federal government not yet having snuffed out the last of our freedom.

Lest you think a “leap second” isn’t worth losing sleep over, we are told that it “can have a big impact on computing systems.”

Plenty of seconds have been added over the years. But after a long trend of slowing, the Earth’s rotation is now speeding up because of changes in its core.

Frets an Expert,

“A negative leap second has never been added or tested, so the problems it could create are without precedent.”

But wait, what’s this:

Melting polar ice is delaying the leap second by three years, pushing it from 2026 to 2029…

Global warming has granted us a reprieve! If only people really could control the climate.

The piece ends with the usual MSM takeaway. Intones college professor and presumed government grant recipient Duncan Agnew,

“Being able to say so much ice has melted that it’s actually changed the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount, I think gives you the sense, OK, this is a big deal.”

Though maybe not as big a deal as the leap second.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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