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Oct 30 2020

See Trump Ad CNN Wouldn’t Run

CNN refused to run this ad on the grounds that it is a lie to say that Biden will raise taxes on the middle class if we give him the chance:

As usual, it is CNN that is not being truthful. As Jim Treacher notes,

So… their fact-checkers said a prediction is false? How does that work? How do you fact-check something that hasn’t happened yet? You can say a prediction is more likely or less likely to come true, but you can’t fact-check it because it’s not a fact that can be checked.

Furthermore, the prediction is likely to come true. John Hinderaker adds,

Biden has promised to reverse the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which cut taxes for (as I recall) something like 82% of American households. The middle class must be in there somewhere.

I wonder what odds Vegas is giving on Biden raising taxes on the middle class if Big Media/Big Tech can drag him to victory. Not even the apparatchiks at CNN would vote against it.

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