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Jan 12 2024

Hertz Dumps Electric Vehicles

The reason economic freedom results in a dramatically higher standard of living than command and control economics is that it allows resources to be allocated in the way that naturally makes sense, the way water naturally finds its own level. Hertz demonstrates what the free market thinks of the electric vehicles leftists want to impose:

Rental car giant Hertz on Thursday said it will sell about 20,000 electric vehicles from its U.S. fleet. …

The rental car giant said it would allocate funds it gets from selling the vehicles toward purchasing more internal combustion engine vehicles “to meet customer demand.”

Unsurprisingly, customers prefer reliable vehicles that are easy to keep running to virtue-signaling moonbatmobiles that only a drooling cretin could believe will have any impact on the supposedly problematic weather.

Hertz’s stated goal is to “reduce damage expense associated with EVs.” To reduce damage expense to US taxpayers resulting from their money being thrown at electric vehicles, Democrats need to be pried from power — preferably before EVs are made mandatory.

On tips from CZwonderpig and Eddie_Valiant.


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