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Jun 15 2022

High School Club Discourages Heterosexuality

In the past, extracurricular school activities were wholesome affairs. Then the Long March Through the Institutions claimed public schools on behalf of leftism. Now, students who sign up for a “leadership and diversity club” in an affluent suburb of Phoenix are asked to explain how they know they are not sexual deviants:

The question was part of a program used by the Unitown Club in the Scottsdale Unified School District to discuss sexual orientation with students, according to emails released by the Arizona Daily Independent. The club’s description contains no reference to sexual education.

In government schools these days, it seems everything has reference to sexual “education” — or rather, depraved sexual indoctrination.

The curriculum, which was created by the organization Anytown Learning, lists 16 discussion questions on sexual orientation, including what students think caused their heterosexuality, how they decided they were heterosexual, why heterosexual relationships are unstable, and whether they had considered that heterosexuality was a phase they would grow out of.

Presumably, the word “biology” would not suffice as an explanation as to what caused a student’s heterosexuality. To progressives, not being a pervert is a diseased condition that must have some morbid etiology.

The sexual orientation exercise also asks students: “Considering the menace of overpopulation, how could the human race survive if everyone were heterosexual?”

Embrace sexual depravity because starting a family would be bad. Once kids have imbibed that message, they can go home to their video games, their liberal education having been completed.

Instead of letting moonbats teach children, why not have criminals do it on a work release basis? Morally and intellectually, it would be an improvement.

The curriculum also encourages students to reject what liberals call their “birth-assigned sex” and to place themselves on a creepy “gender spectrum.”

Anytown Learning describes itself as “a human relations organization dedicated to educating, embracing and empowering leaders to promote social change.” The Unitown program is a high school variation of the organization’s social justice summer camp.

Combine government schools with social justice and you have something that would make a whorehouse suitable for children by comparison.

As for unwoke parents who complain,

Scottsdale Unified School District had previously made national headlines after it was revealed that a member of the district’s school board had compiled a “dossier” full of personal information of parent activists who had expressed displeasure at the district’s efforts to incorporate critical race theory and other controversial programs into student instruction.

Watch your step, Mom and Dad. Merrick Garland might sic the FBI on you. Or volunteer enforcers might find ways to wreck your life.

Rather than recoil in horror from it, Scottsdale Unified School District spokeswoman Kristine Harrington defended the Unitown indoctrination program, noting that it has been there since 1989 and that it is voluntary — unlike similar instruction that is no doubt happening in the district’s classrooms.

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