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Nov 08 2021

Jennifer Granholm Laughs Off Increasing Oil Production

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Or maybe you will just be laughed at, as when Bloomberg’s Tom Keene asked Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm what her plan is to increase oil production in America.

In light of skyrocketing energy prices that threaten the entire economy, you might think Granholm could refrain from bursting into laughter. But she couldn’t.

“That is hilarious,” Granhold gasped, when she finally got her chortling under control.

She then recited the tired lie that only OPEC is capable of producing oil. Never mind that the USA was a net exporter of petroleum in 2020 under Trump.

Biden’s handlers have made it obvious from the beginning that their goal is to shut down oil production, not increase it. That’s why prices are climbing.

Keene persisted by asking, “What is the Biden plan to jumpstart energy production across America?” Granholm responded with green energy duckspeak, which translates into English as, “You will have to shiver in the dark because global warming.”

Like they say, elections have consequences. The devastating consequences of 2020 are only beginning to unfold.

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