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Oct 26 2022

John Fetterman Train Wreck Epitomizes Democrats

Senate candidate John Fetterman — or as he has called himself, John Fetterwoman — finally agreed to a last-minute debate with his opponent Mehmet Oz. Oz is no prize either, but predictably proved to be more than a match for the cognitively disabled leftist freak Fetterman.

John Podhoretz describes the debacle:

Seeing Fetterman struggle to answer simple questions and form simple sentences was nothing less than an agony. There’s no sense even in trying to characterize how he did in expressing himself

Maybe Fetterman will one day recover whatever cognitive abilities he had before a stroke wiped them out. Maybe he won’t. It’s hard to predict, but we can assume the worst, considering that he still refuses to release his medical records.

An example of Fetterman’s political incompetence is his preposterous lie that he has never opposed fracking to obtain the clean-burning, plentiful natural gas that is crucial to Pennsylvania’s economy.

Via Fox News:

“I’ve always supported fracking and I always believe that independence with our energy is critical, and we can’t be held, you know, ransom to somebody like Russia,” Fetterman said.

He has always supported fracking — and yet:

Fetterman, currently Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, supported a complete moratorium on fracking in the state, according to an April 2016 Facebook post from Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking.

He also said during a 2016 debate, during his first run for Senate, that he supported a fracking moratorium.

In a 2018 YouTube interview, Fetterman said, “I don’t support fracking, at all, and I never have.”

“I’ve signed the no fossil fuels money pledge,” he added at the time.

Watch and cringe:

The liberal media supports him despite his conspicuous unfitness, because he will be a reliable vote for leftist legislation, no doubt including fracking bans. In desperation, they have settled on the defense that it is hurtful to discriminate against Fetterman for being too intellectually challenged to hold his own in a debate, much less serve as a Senator. Taking political correctness to the last extreme of absurdity,

MSNBC columnist Liz Plank fumed that Oz had given a “masterclass on how to bully people with disabilities” and said he had been forced to “rely on ableism to win.”

By the same reasoning, Stephen Hawking should have been named center for the Los Angeles Lakers. To deny him the job because his disability would have prevented him from doing it was ableist.

The creepy Dr Seuss character Charlie Crist’s debate with esteemed countermoonbat Ron DeSantis did not go much better for Democrats:

No wonder Katie Hobbs refuses to debate the sharp-witted countermoonbat Kari Lake in the race for Governor of Arizona. She knows she would be publicly humiliated like Fetterman and Crist.

Democrats are past the point where anyone could rationally choose them over Republicans. However, voting for Democrats is done not out of rationality but out of sheer demonic hatred of the enemy, whipped into a frenzy by liberal establishment propaganda.

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