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Nov 10 2022

Ron DeSantis Is Best Hope for Countermoonbats

They did not get traction with their alarmingly divisive “Threat to Democracy” demagoguery, or with the other issue they campaigned on, abortion. Yet Democrats were able to reduce the expected red tsunami to a purple puddle, thanks to their Trump card:

Democrats’ strategy of spending millions to boost pro-Trump candidates in Republican primaries appeared to pay off Tuesday as the party ended the night with a clean sweep of the races in which it chose to meddle.

The moonbat Mehmet Oz, selected possibly because Trump’s wife is a fan of his Oprah spinoff television show, managed to lose to a cognitively disabled radical leftist in purple Pennsylvania.

Other winnable races were lost by Trump candidates Doug Mastriano (PA), Tudor Dixon (MI), Don Bolduc (NH), and John Gibbs (MI).

Trump candidates may yet lose winnable races in Arizona and Georgia. Governor Doug Ducey was reelected by 14 points in 2018 and might have won the Senate race here in Arizona by even more against the mollusk Mark Kelly, but he couldn’t run because Trump doesn’t like him. Georgia was stuck with Hershel Walker because “Trump helped clear the primary field and other candidates opted out.”

So far, the only high-profile Trump candidate to win is J.D. Vance. Trump boasted that Vance was “kissing my ass.” Vance won anyway, pulled across the finish line by a $32 million cash infusion from Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund. Prior to this, Vance was trailing in red Ohio.

Many of his policies were great, and Trump displays an admirable willingness to push back against the liberal establishment. But people resent him for feeding his own ego at the expense of all other concerns. His appeal outside his base has evaporated. He is unelectable at the national level.

The best election news came from Florida. Just a few years ago, Ron DeSantis beat ultraleft degenerate Andrew Gillum by less than half a percentage point. Since then, he has turned the state deep red. He won by nearly 20 points, right after Trump denounced him as “Ron DeSanctimonious” and threatened to dish dirt on him.

DeSantis is no mealy-mouthed RINO but an esteemed countermoonbat. He takes the bull by the horns in the Culture War, transforming Florida into the place “where woke goes to die.”

Dan Henninger makes a gloomy prediction:

If Mr. Trump announces next week that he’s running again, the 2024 presidential election ends that day. It guarantees a wipeout for Republicans.

Yet there is hope. The site Election Betting Odds currently gives DeSantis a 38.6% chance of securing the nomination to Trump’s 36.2%, and the gap is widening.

Trump sabotaged the Georgia runoff in 2021 by blaming party leaders for not overturning the 2020 election results, actually urging Republicans not to vote. This allowed Democrats to take control of the Senate, then inflict $trillions of damage on the economy through wasteful spending and put leftist kook Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court. Now he has tripped up the GOP in the midterms, sparing Democrats the stern rebuke they had coming. He is the Democratic Party’s most valuable asset.

The options are obvious. We can go with DeSantis and win, or we can go with Trump and lose.

The 76-year-old Trump had his chance to drain the Swamp. Let Ron DeSantis have his.

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