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Feb 10 2022

Kari Lake Explains Difference Between USA and Australia

Kari Lake was a fixture on the nightly news in Phoenix for as long as I can remember before she got fed up with the liberal BS they expected her to read off the teleprompter. Now she is running for governor.

If attitude is the main qualification, she deserves to win in a landslide. Kari Lake is a true countermoonbat and no shrinking violet. Watch in admiration as she explains the difference between the USA and Australia, which has succumbed to authoritarianism in the name of Covid hysteria. It boils down to a number and a letter: 2A.

Technically, the Second Amendment applies even in degenerate parts of the USA that are not noticeably freer than Australia, like California and New York. This is a reminder that the Constitution itself is not enough. The spirit that produced and upholds the Constitution is the key factor. What use will a piece of paper be if Democrats are allowed to pack the Supreme Court?

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2 Responses to “Kari Lake Explains Difference Between USA and Australia”

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