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Sep 27 2021

Kathy Hochul Speaks for God, Calls in National Guard

It seemed impossible that anyone could miss Andrew Cuomo — until Kathy Hochul came along.

She has attacked property rights. She has attacked transportation and free speech. She has pointlessly forced toddlers to wear Covid obedience muzzles. Now she claims to speak for God:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) said at a Sunday mass in the Bronx that Christians who are not vaccinated against COVID “aren’t listening to God,” adding that God wants them vaccinated.

The Democrat notably made the comments one day before her vaccine mandate for health care workers takes effect. The controversial order has already sparked health care worker shortages around the state.

No worries about the healthcare worker shortage. Progressives always have solutions for the problems they cause. Here’s Hochul’s:

[Hochul] is considering deploying the medically trained members of the National Guard ahead of an anticipated shortage of health care workers.

Hochul released a comprehensive plan to address staff shortages in New York facilities Saturday, amid concerns that a large number of health care employees will not meet Monday’s vaccine deadline.

Looks like no worker is really essential. We might all be replaced with soldiers unless we obey. Soldiers make better workers than civilians because they have to follow orders.

Workers terminated because they refuse to be vaccinated are also not eligible for unemployment insurance unless they provide a medical accommodation from a doctor, the statement noted.

For someone who speaks for God, Hochul does not seem to hold religion in high regard. Her order bans religious exemptions. This ban has thankfully been blocked for now, after the Thomas More Society took her to court on behalf of healthcare workers:

“What New York is attempting to do is slam shut an escape hatch from an unconstitutional vaccine mandate,” [Thomas More Society Special Counsel Christopher] Ferrara argued. “And they are doing this while, knowing that many people have sincere religious objections to vaccines that were tested, developed, or produced with cell lines derived from aborted children.”

“These plaintiffs are not – I repeat – not anti-vaxxers, as the fake news media calls them,” stressed Ferrara. “They are in fact in favor of voluntary vaccination with informed consent, but they oppose jack-booted coercion by the state to take a vaccine their religion forbids them to take. This is America, not Red China.”

Not yet, anyway. But Kathy Hochul is working to minimize the difference.

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