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Jul 29 2021

Liberal Establishment Praises Simone Biles for Quitting

In a culture dominated by moonbats, all values are inverted. For example, fortitude is not courageous — quitting is. When Olympic gymnast Simone Biles quit on her team and her country because dealing with the stress of competition wasn’t “fun,” instead of shaking their heads in sadness, liberal opinion-shapers praised her for it:

Prominent politicians like Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush have made public statements applauding her. The White House Press Secretary expressed “gratitude and support.” Deadspin gushed over “the most impressive move of her career.” Former Olympians joined in the group hug. Articles have been written extolling her bravery and declaring that her achievements this week have sent a “powerful message” to the world. CNN called her performance “impactful.” She has been hailed for her strength and for “setting an amazing example” and being a great athlete and role model. Women’s advocacy groups have thanked her.

Biles quitting because the extraordinary stress was too much for her is sad but understandable. Not everyone has what it takes. But to spin quitting as laudable is disgusting.

Gold medals mean something. They mean you will keep pushing yourself even when it is hard. A nation of entitled, thumb-sucking bedwetters will win ever fewer gold medals.

That’s all right with the liberal ruling class. For reasons too sick to bear examination, they want it that way.

Compare Biles with gymnast Kerri Strug, who performed with an injured ankle to win the gold medal for the USA in 1996. Our culture doesn’t produce as many brave winners like Kerri Strug as it used to. It produces self-absorbed victims like Simone Biles and tennis quitter Naomi Osaka.

America can live without gold medals. It cannot live without the character the medals symbolize — except as a second-rate nation slouching into decline.

Winners never quit and quitters never win. - Vince Lombardi
In better days, we had a better attitude.

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