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May 27 2021

Lockheed Martin Execs Subjected to Woke Brainwashing

In no sane world would top executives of Lockheed Martin, the country’s largest defense contractor, be subjected to a 3-day reeducation procedure intended to brainwash them into hating themselves for being heterosexual white men. But it can happen in a world run by moonbats:

The program, hosted on Zoom for a cohort of 13 Lockheed employees, was led by the diversity-consulting firm White Men As Full Diversity Partners, which specializes in helping white males “awaken together.” The Lockheed employees [were] all senior leaders in the company…

Bizarrely — but in accordance with woke dogma — the course attributes to white men a list of admirable attributes that have helped many to succeed, then demands that they reject these virtues.

In a set of related resources, White Men As Full Diversity Partners lays out its theory of privilege. The firm’s founders, [Michael] Welp and Bill Proudman, have argued that white males must “work hard to understand” their “white privilege,” “male privilege,” and “heterosexual privilege,” which affords them unearned benefits. The firm’s training programs are designed to assist white men in discovering the “roots of white male culture.” That culture, according to Welp and Proudman, consists of traits—such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are superficially positive but are “devastating” to women and minorities.

Suggesting that individualism, confidence, industriousness, integrity, and aspiration must be abolished in the name of equity on the grounds that women and minorities are incapable of these praiseworthy traits is an insulting example of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

The indoctrination promotes a smorgasbord of liberal causes, including feminism, abortion, and homosexuality. Participants are forced to read and discuss statements including “My reproductive organs are not seen as the property of other men, the government, and/or even strangers because of my gender” and “I am not asked to think about why I am straight.” It can be assumed that anyone who observed aloud that these statements are toxic left-wing hogwash would be done working at Lockheed Martin.

Then the top executives were forced to read statements from the viewpoint of theoretical victims of their objectionable whiteness, including:

“I’m tired of you making more money than me”; “I’m tired of people disparaging our campaigns (like Black Lives Matter)”; “I’m tired of Black boys/girls being murdered”; “I’m tired of people thinking they’re smarter and more qualified than me”; “I’m tired of hearing about how we need a wall at the southern borders but not on the northern borders”; “I’m tired of the desire or comment to remove race—the concept that we should be ‘colorblind.’”

Sorry, MLK. No one is allowed to put content of character ahead of color of skin at liberal reeducation camp.

White Men As Full Diversity Partners has also been involved in indoctrinating employees at the Sandia National Laboratories, where nuclear weapons research is conducted. If they ever come up with a weapon that kills only straight white men, we’ll know why.

Considering that upon becoming Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin promptly called for a military-wide stand-down to conduct a purge of conservatives, you can imagine the sort of indoctrination servicemembers are currently undergoing.

If it seems that no ideology could be more corrosive and pernicious, that is because the purpose of Cultural Marxism/Critical Theory is to destroy our culture so that it might be replaced by one more suitable for authoritarian oligarchical collectivism.

Those calling the shots at Lockheed Martin and Sandia National Laboratories want this brainwashing to take place. That should terrify every American, not only the heterosexual white men who serve the same purpose for Democrats that Jews did for Nazis. It is an obvious threat to our national security.

Click through to see some of the documents.

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