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May 28 2021

Questions on White Guilt Brainwashing Camp

As noted yesterday, Lockheed Martin executives have been forced to undergo grotesque critical race theory indoctrination in struggle sessions straight out of Mao’s China. Paul Joseph Watson takes a look at this appalling manifestation of systemic moonbattery, and has questions for the social justice warriors who support it:

“If your message is being echoed and amplified by the largest defense contractor in the world — net worth $50 billion — does that suggest to you that maybe, just maybe, your message isn’t an organic movement for equality and justice? When every cultural institution, government entity, transnational corporation, and arms manufacturer is parroting your talking points, maybe, just maybe, you’re not the revolutionaries you deluded yourselves into thinking you are.”

The self-styled revolutionaries are establishment apparatchiks. This became obvious when leftists switched sides on the issue of free speech. In any society, free speech is a challenge to the establishment. Once progressives became the establishment, they betrayed the Free Speech Movement that emerged in Berkeley in the 1960s and instead embraced zero tolerance for “hate speech.”

PJW has another headscratcher for moonbats:

“If white people, specifically white men, are so privileged, why are they constantly the target of flagrantly discriminatory demonization campaigns like this one, campaigns devised and managed by some of the biggest academic institutions, government entities, and corporations in the West, campaigns that denigrate, belittle, and shame people for immutable characteristics like their sexuality, gender, and race?”

Watch as he pulls back the curtain on the phony ideology of our entrenched establishment:

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