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Aug 11 2021

Lynch Mob Riled by Rockies Fan Shouting “Dinger”

No white guy could hate himself enough to commit suicide by shouting the stringently forbidden (to white people) n-word in public. But to be a liberal means to believe whatever it is politically expedient to believe.

A fan at Coors Field waved to the Colorado Rockies mascot Dinger and called out his name. Because the demand for racism (against someone other than whites) far exceeds the supply, leftists proclaimed that he was shouting the blasphemous n-word. As proof, they screech that there was a black player at the plate, although the rowdy fan was looking at Dinger, not Lewis Brinson.

Presenting the predictable hand-wringing apology from the Rockies, along with video of what actually happened, via Not the Bee:

This is the mentality that led to a Cubs fan being banned for life from Wrigley Field for playing the circle game, because social justice warriors proclaimed that he was making an okay sign, which according to a 4chan hoax that got out of hand (so to speak) is racist. It is the mentality that caused almost every MLB player to kneel in obeisance to Black Lives Matter thugs as they looted and destroyed, fortuitously preventing former fans like yours truly from ever wasting another minute watching the game. It is also the same mentality that caused a Russian saleswoman to be sentenced to 10 years for jotting down figures on a newspaper, accidently writing on a photo of Stalin.

Authoritarian maniac Keith Olbermann wants to see a head roll. Predictably, Brinson himself says the forbidden n-word was used, despite fans sitting nearby confirming that it was not. The supposed victims of racism show little grace, even for the innocent.

Let’s hope the poor guy who shouted “Dinger” doesn’t get his house burned down by BLM or Antifa. Once a potential victim has been identified, the enforcers of political correctness couldn’t care less if a thought crime actually occurred. The point is to demonstrate what happens to anyone accused of defying them.

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