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Nov 29 2020

Macy’s Commits Racism

Despite its servile pandering to Black Lives Matter, Macy’s may be in for more looting. It has committed a racist thought crime:

Macy’s is under fire after calling the Zeta Phi Beta Centennial Steppers a “diverse dance group” in a Thanksgiving Day tweet.

The Steppers performed in this year’s scarcely attended one-block-long Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was founded at nearly all-black Howard University.

“What’s that sound, you ask? Why it’s the diverse dance group, Zeta Phi Beta Steppers!” Macy’s exclaimed in a now-deleted tweet.

MSNBC thought cop Joy Reid ignited the Twitter mob by offendedly shrieking that the Steppers are not a dance group. Others quickly piled on:

“I’m tired of businesses using Black entities (including Historically Black Sororities and Fraternities) as a means to look more ‘diverse’ and accepting,” added @_AwesomeKid. “It’s clear how performative this attempt was, due to your lack of research for your own parade performers.”

Don’t include blacks, you are racist. Include them, you are still racist. That’s the genius of Cultural Marxism.

“Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. ain’t exist for 100 years just for Macy’s to call them a “diverse dance group,” said @TevonBlair.

We’ve come a long way since 2007, when you had to say something like “nappy-headed hos” to get yourself canceled.

Scurrying to comply with the command that it not call the Steppers a “diverse dance group,” Macy’s replaced the original tweet with this:

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