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Oct 04 2022

Making Easy Bucks at New York Gun Buyback

Putting idiots in charge of spending other people’s money results in monstrous waste, but sometimes also the opportunity to make an easy buck, as with insane gun buybacks in New York:

A man who identified himself only as “Kem” saw people tweeting about using 3D printers to make guns for the sole purpose of selling them for big bucks at gun buyback programs, like the one the New York State Attorney General’s Office held at the Utica Police Department last month. He got to work on a $200 3D printer he got for Christmas.

After printing up some lower receivers and frames, he drove 6 hours to Utica. There was some haggling over the 110 guns he presented.

“And it ended with the guy and a lady from the budget office finally coming around with the 42 gift cards and counting them in front of me,” said Kem. “$21,000 in $500 gift cards.”

You’re welcome, say the taxpayers. If they weren’t okay with flagrant waste, they wouldn’t elect Democrats. They certainly wouldn’t elect irresponsible fools like New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

Gifted as they are at throwing away money, moonbats fail at everything else they attempt. As Kem accurately observes,

“Gun buybacks are a fantastic way of showing, number one, that your policies don’t work, and, number 2, you’re creating perverse demand. You’re causing people to show up to these events, and, they don’t actually reduce crime whatsoever.”

Unless our rulers are even dumber than I thought, they don’t really expect these wasteful spectacles to reduce crime. That is not a priority for James, who has effectively legalized minor crime. Their actual purpose is to pose self-righteously as opponents of gun violence. However, the farcical nature of buybacks is so obvious that not even this purpose is served. They are not virtue signaling; they are idiocy signaling.

In August, James’s office triumphantly crowed that it had acquired 296 guns to be destroyed. Of these, 177 were “ghost guns” — i.e., homemade guns, possibly created to be sold to the state; 33 were admittedly “non-working guns.”

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