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Nov 10 2020

CBS Race Quotas for Reality Shows

The term “reality show” is an oxymoron. If it is a show on television, it is not real. It is contrived in accordance with the ideology of those who control the programming, in order to manipulate our perception of the world around us. For example:

CBS, the broadcaster of reality shows “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother,” will require 50% of casts of unscripted programs to be non-White next season…

Until recently, the population of the USA was overwhelmingly white. Despite immigration and welfare policies intended to displace this population through what you might call soft genocide, whites still constitute the clear majority. Except on TV.

Systemic racism is inflicted on people behind the camera too:

The network, part of ViacomCBS Inc., also vowed Monday to allocate at least 25% of its unscripted development budgets to projects created by producers who are Black, indigenous or people of color.

Race impostors have their reasons for pretending not to be white.

CBS has made previous pledges about its scripted shows, aiming to devote 25% of future budgets to diverse creators. It also plans to have writers rooms be at least 40% non-White by next season and 50% the following year.

When they get it up to 100%, utopia will have been achieved.

That people tolerate being systematically discriminated against based on their race, and even support it, confirms that they can be duped and/or bullied into anything whatsoever.

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