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Apr 23 2023

Misdemeanor for Killing 6-Month-Old in Chicago

Get used to it, Chicago. You voted for more of this:

Two teenagers are only facing misdemeanor charges after the crash of a stolen car resulted in the death of a 6-month-old infant.

Others injured in the crash are expected to recover, but Cristian Uvidia did not survive Chicago’s lawlessness.

The charges could be upgraded, but serious punishment is unlikely, considering that the DA is Soros stooge Kim Foxx, that the killers are 17 and 14 years old, and that this is Chicago. As noted at Post Millennial,

Soft-on-crime policies have led to a vast increase in crime throughout the City of Chicago. Violent crime has risen 37 percent in the past year alone, with theft, burglary, and robbery crimes seeing the greatest increase. There has been a 100 percent increase of fatal shootings in the city between 2020 and 2021.

Voters responded to this state of affairs by electing a pro-criminal Bernie Sanders-endorsed maniac. Brandon Johnson unsurprisingly sides with the sociopaths who are reducing Chicago streets to a state of mayhem even prior to his taking power. The Democrat Death Spiral has reached the terminal phase.

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