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Jul 26 2021

Moonbats Lay Siege to Church for Stating the Obvious

Moonbats have pulled the Overton window so far into the fever swamps of insanity that the New England Baptist Church in Medford, Massachusetts is under siege for posting this supposedly controversial message on its sign:

GEN 5:2

For thousands of years, no one outside of a lunatic asylum would have had a problem with that. Now, our whole country is an asylum, and the lunatics are running it.

Via CBS Boston:

[The sign’s] message isn’t sitting well with the non-binary community who don’t identify as male or female. They showed up by the dozens in protest coming face-to-face with churchgoers.

Jonathan Dallas, who says he is “nonbinary,” denounces the sign for not being “inclusive.” Bullying normal, healthy people for expressing normal, healthy views, insisting that everyone conform to a grotesque ideology that would have evoked horror and revulsion at any point in human history — now that’s inclusive.

“LGBTQA” militants growled that the sign made them feel “unsafe.” Given the leftist tendency to project their own sins on those they hope to destroy, this can be taken as a direct threat. I hope the church has arson insurance.

“It’s almost hypocritical that they can present their world view and we can’t,” said [Pastor Joseph] Hawkins.

Almost? A world run by liberals reflects the purest essence of hypocrisy.

To no one’s surprise, the town’s mayor sides with the mob against sanity, decency, Christianity, and all other problematic remnants of the civilization progressives are in the process of eradicating.

“It’s time for all to know that love is love,” said Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn. “Everybody should be able to love who or how they want.”

Note that these bumper sticker slogans can easily be repurposed when the liberal agenda moves on to pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and other abominations so depraved that we cannot even imagine them.

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