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Nov 23 2022

Unclean Conditions Make Beyond Meat Even Less Edible

Bad news continues to accrue for investors in the synthetic pseudomeat that Bill Gates and the rest of the Davos crowd want to shove down our throats. Impoverished through Biden’s inflation, people are not in a mood to pay more for an inferior product to virtue signal wokeness. There are serious concerns about the wisdom of eating a substance created in a laboratory through gene editing. Now we read that one of the biggest excreters of this gunk is neck-deep in bacteria and food safety violations:

Internal documents and photos from the Beyond Meat plant in metro Philadelphia paint a picture of dangerous conditions with possible repercussions for consumers. …

Purported photos from the faux meat plant — a 45-minute drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Philadelphia — show mold growing on walls, as well as soiled containers used in food preparation.

Plant-based “meats” manufactured at the facility were found infected with the bacteria Listeria at least 11 different times since the second half of 2021…


The FDA is yet to make a safety inspection of Beyond Meat’s Pennsylvania facility since the public company acquired the plant…

Being on the correct side politically has its advantages. The Deep State bureauweenies of the FDA are all in for synthetic pseudofood, which pleases the weather gods according to liberals’ weirdly atavistic religion.

Internal plant documents also suggested that inorganic materials like wood, string and metal had been found inside Beyond Meat products engineered at the facility.

So long as it isn’t food, the climate won’t mind if we eat it, so…

…the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture “found no instances of nonconformance with regulations,” hailing Beyond Meat’s food safety protocols in reports that followed March and September plant visits…

The Pennsylvania state bureaucracy produced America’s first four-star “female” admiral, Richard “Rachel” Levine, who used his position as Health Secretary to sentence elderly patients to death by forced nursing homes to accept Covid cases while wisely getting his own mother out of a nursing home. The election of the mentally incapacitated ultraleft loafer John Fetterman to the Senate confirms that there is something very wrong in the Keystone State. An infectious agent far worse than bacteria has seeped out of the pustule moonbattery has made of Philadelphia to sicken the whole state.

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