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Nov 04 2020

Moonbats Express Reverence for Elections at WWI Memorial

Elections are useful as far as they go. Thanks to the brainwashing enabled by leftist control of the media, schools, and entertainment, they can go a long way. But at a certain point, you have to dispense with the window dressing and seize power by force. Ask the Black Lives Matter/Antifa brownshirts who descended on the White House yesterday. Ask whoever did this in Kansas City:

‪In the early hours of this morning a small group of people defaced stonework at the National WWI Museum and Memorial….

Posted by National WWI Museum and Memorial on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Democratic Party endorsed these aspiring Marxist revolutionaries at its convention. Potemkin presidential candidate Joe Biden hesitates to criticize them. De facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris openly praises them, and raises money to bail them out of jail so they can continue their seditious activities.

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