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Nov 04 2020

Politics of Intimidation Outside the White House

To leftists, elections are only a means to an end. If voting doesn’t work, they supplement it with intimidation. Yesterday, Democrats’ brownshirts descended on the White House in a show of force:

Cops clashed with BLM and Antifa protesters in ugly scenes outside the White House – as some declared they would stay for weeks if President Trump is re-elected.

They concentrated at Black Lives Matter Plaza, a block away from the White House. A police van had its tires slashed.

[A] group of about 50 police officers were surrounded by civilians who demanded that they “let go” a man who had just been arrested in Lafayette Square, The Sun observed.

As demonstrators closed in on law enforcement and demanded to know why the man had been detained, it became clear cops were heavily outnumbered.

Several crowd members appeared to be carrying weapons, including bats and sticks.

The officers clung onto each other, then backed away, changing direction several times until the crowds following them dropped off.

Police appeared to then retreat into a nearby hotel.

When civilization retreats, the radicalized Democrats win.

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