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Jun 28 2021

Moonbats Take Their Clothes Off

If there is one thing worse than moonbats, it is moonbats without their clothes on. These were in abundance in Manhattan Saturday at the 29th annual Dyke March:

Dozens of topless women triumphantly splashed around the fountain in Washington Square Park to mark the end of the march — which organizers described as a “protest march, not a parade” and a celebration of “beautiful and diverse Dyke lives.”

What sexual deviants have left to protest about can only be imagined. Society caters to their every demand.

Because critical race theory is now our national religion, Saturday’s event adopted the intersexual theme “Black Dyke Power.”

Along the way, there was a moment of silence to honor black trans lives lost. Protesters stopped at 23rd Street and held their hands in the air, crossed in the shape of an X.

The X’s might have been a salute to black nationalist Malcolm X, who advocated violence and barked that “the white man is a devil.”

Since the marchers represented depravity, degeneracy, and moonbattery, no permits were required.

At least the triumphant if still angry lesbians only went topless. The situation will be unsightlier at the Philly Naked Bike Ride planned for late August. It will also be moonbattier. To judge from news photos, few of the New York lesbians signaled mindless compliance to authority by wearing masks, despite the WHO’s recent declaration that these are still necessary, even among the vaccinated. In contrast,

Naked Philadelphia bikers need only bring their masks.

Participants in the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride can ditch their clothes to ride as long as they follow the Aug. 28 event’s mask guidance…

The naked ride was launched to promote body positivity, advocate for the safety of cyclists and protest dependence on fossil fuels.

Like the Covid masks that will deprive their brains of oxygen, their bicycles were manufactured with the use of fossil fuels.

On tips from Wiggins and Chris Neilson.


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