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Sep 24 2023

More Transsexual Violence: Linnea Pugmire

Transsexuals are by definition psychotic. Rather than being affirmed in their delusions, psychotic people used to be institutionalized, because they are often violent. Transsexuals are no exception.

The list of transsexuals associated with acts of violence includes Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Audrey Hale, Moses Lopez, William Whitworth, Shanu Varma, a guy calling himself Lara, Zion William Teasley, Jason Michael Hann, Cali Anderson, Dana Rivers, and Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky. Add to the list Linnea Pugmire, who was arrested Tuesday for assaulting and spitting on David Young, the Mayor of Orem, Utah:

Pugmire, 31, now faces multiple charges including two third-degree felony counts of threatening elected officials and one count of assault, among other charges.

The assault was evidently motivated by Young objecting to hit pieces written by Pugmire’s mother Genelle Pugmire, a local journalist, that he describes as “extremely off the rails.”

Looks like Linnea is a fan of Greta Thunberg:

Video shared with FOX 13 News by witnesses captured the entire incident in which Pugmire is heard saying, “How dare you” multiple times.

See if you can guess the actual gender of Linnea, who demands to be referred to with “they/them” pronouns and who has undergone sex change surgery:

The dynamics are reflective of society at large, with a journalist unleashing a sociopathic Frankenstein monster on normal people.

Mayor Young can count himself lucky that he survived the encounter without serious injury. The mental health crisis that the liberal establishment has gone out of its way to exacerbate puts all of us at risk.

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