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Oct 08 2023

Transsexual Nurse Knifes Elderly Patient

Atop the cultural Marxist totem pole of ersatz oppression sit transsexuals. No doubt they enjoy hiring priority by employers who want to avoid legal difficulties. However, being psychotic by definition, transsexuals may not be the best suited for some occupations: nurse, for example. Allah’s Willing Executioners provides translation of a report on an Austrian pensioner who was killed by his transsexual nurse. Erroneous pronouns as in original:

It is a bizarre confession that the nurse was only able to make after she had sobered up in the Kepler Clinic in Linz. She had drunk more than one bottle of wine when she grabbed a kitchen knife on Thursday in the small town of Geretsberg near Braunau am Inn and, acting like a lunatic, stabbed the pensioner (82) for whose care and protection she was actually responsible. She stabbed her victim several times in the chest and in the heart, her elderly patient bled to death internally.

The transsexual nurse is identified only by “her male name” (which he still goes by), Paul S.

According to his confession to the murder investigators, the pensioner repeatedly harassed his carer because of her sexual orientation. Or he stalked her and groped her.

Whether this corresponds to the facts or is just a falsification to explain a crime in the heat of the moment is still completely open.

If Paul S. would lie about what sex he is, there is no reason to take his word for why he killed the old man.

Regardless of the details, Nurse Paul has earned himself a place in the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors, along with the following:

Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Audrey Hale
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell


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