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Jul 27 2023

NBC BLK Denounces the Outdoors as Racist

The only standard of value inside their insular bubble is devotion to woke ideology, so the kooks who run the media have no self-awareness of how ludicrous they have become. Ever further they venture out on their creaking limb, finally reaching NBC BLK levels of absurdity, at which point the limb breaks and they come crashing down into self-parody:

NBC BLK reporter Char Adams described in a recently-revived June essay several black-led outdoor groups working to ‘provide safe spaces for black people to enjoy outdoor activities and dispel myths that the outdoors doesn’t belong to us.’

The report focused heavily on creating racially segregated ‘safe spaces’ so that black people can avoid ‘harassment’ and ‘trauma’ from white people who might fly ‘Trump flags’ at campsites.

The great outdoors is exclusive, because you never know when a Trump flag might appear in the middle of the wilderness, inflicting trauma by reminding you there are people in the world who won’t conform to moonbattery.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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