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Aug 05 2022

New York City Hiring to Be Based on Race

Affirmative Action feeds on itself by putting those who have benefitted from non–merit-based hiring in a position to impose still more of it. Given his conspicuous witlessness, New York City Mayor Eric Adams probably owes his position to his race. He does not hesitate to play the race card. So this comes as no surprise:

Adams has requested city agencies to provide photographs of potential hires to City Hall as candidates go through the interview process for city jobs ranging from assistant commissioner to departmental press secretary, Politico reported Thursday.

Several unnamed city officials told the outlet that the request is clearly an effort to hire more diverse staffers.

The euphemism “diverse” means that whites need not apply for cushy, overpaid, and mostly superfluous government jobs in New York City.

Selecting candidates on the basis of not being white is not likely to work out any better for Adams than it has for Joe Biden, who explicitly chose the laughing stocks Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson on that basis.

Applied Affirmative Action.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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