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Apr 26 2022

Kamala Harris Position on Everything

The one redeeming quality of Kamala Harris, who will be taking the place of the mentally incapacitated Joe Biden before long, is that she has stated her position on every conceivable issue. I can’t make sense of the position, but it has something to do with seeing what can be, unburdened by what has been:

Actually, it works the other way around. We aren’t burdened by the past; we are coasting on its momentum. When that peters out, we will be left in a world engineered by our next president Kamala Harris and the people who put this inane crap on her teleprompter. That world won’t work.

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Mar 16 2022

Kamala Harris Double in Training

If Biden’s physical decline keeps pace with his mental decline, Kamala Harris will be POTUS soon. Looks like she has already trained a double to throw off would-be assassins. The impersonation is spot on:

She looks nothing like Harris, but the plastic surgeons who gave Biden his freakish appearance should be able to fix that.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Mar 01 2022

Kamala Harris Explains Why USA Has Entered Tailspin

This time the stopped clock is right:

As Monica Showalter observes,

[Kamala Harris] does sound like a parody of herself — flip, sarcastic, drunk-ish, gulping, self-satisfied, signature giggles thrown in — and not at all serious.

Yet Kamala is correct. Voters got what they asked for.

Everyone knew that she was utterly incompetent. That’s why her primary campaign collapsed before voting even started. She is where she is for the same reason Ketanji Brown Jackson will soon sit on the Supreme Court: she is left-wing, female, and not Caucasian. Under the present administration, no other qualifications are required.

We knew well in advance that key positions would be filled on an Affirmative Action basis, just as we knew that Biden is corrupt, stupid, unserious, senile, incompetent, feckless, and easily manipulated by the lunatic left. Yet millions voted for him anyway. Now we are all getting what these people asked for.

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Jan 17 2022

Veep Thoughts with Kamala Harris

Before this is over, at least we will have a treasure trove of thoughtful quotes from the woman Joe Biden thinks is president:

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Nov 19 2021

Kamala Harris Becomes Temporary President Today

This is so scary, they should have scheduled it for Halloween. Yet it is unclear whether Joe Biden’s supposedly routine colonoscopy was scheduled at all. While he’s on the table, Kamala Harris — one of the few people on earth who would conceivably make an even worse president — is acting Commander in Chief:

Let’s hope Creepy Joe makes it to his 79th birthday tomorrow. He is not young for his age.

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Nov 06 2021

Kamala Harris: Track Trees by Race to Impose Equity

Woke propaganda converges on a single main narrative: inherently evil pale people oppress inherently good dark people. The idea that the climate is somehow a problem and that leftists can fix it through Big Government if given enough power and money is a central tenet of the liberal religion. But even this is subordinated to racism through the concept of “climate justice,” according to which global warming caused primarily by pale people has a deleterious effect primarily on dark people.

That’s why one of the massive spending bills Democrats have been working to ram through designates $3 billion of our money to “tree equity,” so as to combat climate injustice.

Given the extremely low caliber of our leadership, it is possible that some our rulers believe their own rhetoric. Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from the presidency — and the decrepit Joe Biden doesn’t have many heartbeats left in him. Try to decide whether to guffaw or gasp in horror as she asks NASA whether they can “track trees” by race in order to impose “environmental justice”:

The point is to make sure white people don’t have more trees to protect them from global warming than minorities do. Given the demographics of urban versus rural populations, there may be an imbalance. The Regime has a lot of work to do to correct this injustice.

By the way, Harris serves as Chair of the National Space Council. The ChiComs will be building cities on Mars before our moonbat rulers are done struggling to achieve tree equity.

On tips from Wiggins and Varla. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Nov 02 2021

New York City Welcomes Kamala Harris

The liberal media gasps in horror at the unpopularity of the incompetent corruptocrat it helped to power. Biden’s handlers could easily justify using the 25th Amendment to remove him from office before he drags down the whole liberal establishment — except that next in line Kamala Harris is just as unpopular. Witness the reception Heels-Up Harris receives even in liberal New York City:

On a tip from Henry. Hat tip: Press California.

Aug 30 2021

Kamala Harris and Jane Fonda

The eerie similarity between the fall of Saigon and the fall of Kabul isn’t the only episode of déjà vu Democrats have given us lately.

If this picture sums up the hapless Joe Biden:

…this one sums up his leftist inner circle:

Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh, the demonic figure Harris is pictured giving a weird salute in front of above, unleashed genocide in Vietnam following an American retreat nearly as humiliating as Biden’s blood-soaked debacle in Afghanistan.

Harris gets no points for originality. Quintessential Hollyweirdo Jane Fonda has been there before her:

In a more recent video featuring Hanoi Jane, she indicates that she belongs in Biden’s inner circle by celebrating the “great gift” Covid is to her fellow authoritarian leftists:

Never let a crisis go to waste, as the Democrats say — even if you have to hype it out of proportion like Covid or create it out of sheer imagination like climate change.

The last time a ruling class was this alienated from the people it ruled, it ended up under guillotines.

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Jun 14 2021

What Kamala Harris Has Been Up to in Guatemala

Kamala Harris doesn’t like it that people keep asking her why she doesn’t at least make an appearance at the border, since she is supposed to be in charge of doing something about the crisis caused by Biden inviting the entire Third World to invade. Actually, she has been doing her job — not only by avoiding any action that might stem the tide of potential Democrat voters flooding into the country, but also by helping to spread her party’s ideology in Central America.

Here’s how grumpy she gets when reporters ask her about the border:

She can’t be bothered with the humanitarian crisis because she has been busy undermining Guatemala’s president, law & order conservative Alejandro Giammattei:

In May, Kamala met with a number of leftist opponents of Giammattei, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative politicians with corruption charges, before herself being charged with corruption. Instead of returning home to face those charges, she received political asylum in the United States. Her social media is full of praise for Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, and her promises to end “corruption” in Guatemala.

Pretending that you are going to end corruption in Central America is like campaigning against snow in Alaska.

Behind the mutual charges of corruption is a struggle between the Left and Right, with socialists and narcoterrorists on one side and military officers and free marketers on the other.

You get one guess as to which side Harris, Biden, and their hard left handlers are on.

Guatemalans greeted her like this, despite her promises to shower them with our money:

This could be why:

Guatemalans saw her as prepping a leftist coup by backing leftist organizations and activists.

When Harris barks about “corruption” and “lack of good governance” as supposed root causes of the invasion, she is attacking the government of Guatemala on behalf of leftists.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put a Daniel Ortega type in charge of Guatemala, and turn it communist? Today’s Democrats would think so.

Behind the anti-corruption push is a [move] to restart the UN’s International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) backed by Soros activists. Most Guatemalans would prefer to be ruled by their own elected officials, not by the United Nations, Soros, or Kamala Harris.

Imposing Marxism on Guatemala will only increase the flow of desperate refugees toward our border, where Democrats hope they can be kept dependent on handouts from the Party of Government for generations to come.

Just in case Harris really wants to know about the root causes of the surge in illegal immigration, here’s a clue she might follow:

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Jun 09 2021

Simulated Kamala Harris Appearance at Border

Despite having been put in charge of pretending to do something about the Biden-caused crisis at the border back in March, Kamala Harris has not even made an appearance there, for fear of making it more difficult for the liberal media to avoid reporting on the deteriorating situation — until now.

Actually, it is not the real Kamala Harris but a cardboard cutout brought there by esteemed countermoonbat Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO). But given how conspicuously phony Harris is, the phrase “real Kamala Harris” may be an oxymoron. Besides, the cardboard cutout is an improvement in that it doesn’t incessantly emit a blood-curdling cackle.

Meanwhile, Harris pretends to address the crisis by throwing our money at the corrupt failed states of Central America and barking inanely about “root causes.” For once, she is performing her job efficiently. That job is to do nothing that would stem the tsunami of needy, unskilled, rapidly reproducing illegal aliens across the border, so that they can be strategically redistributed throughout the country, where they will be difficult to expel and will tip elections in favor of Democrats. If passed, the For the People Act will get them voting even before the next amnesty.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 08 2021

Kamala Harris Gives Media Cookies of Her Melted Face

It is ever more obvious why Kamala Harris could not get even Democrats to vote for her in the primaries. To put it mildly, there is something off about her. For example, the other day she passed out cookies to journalists. The cookies featured her own likeness with a melted face.

Despite the malignant narcissism, at least the cookies are appropriate, considering that Kamala Harris was placed in her current position not because of any individual qualities, but explicitly because she is a Woman of Color — that is, as a faceless representative of an intersectional identity group.

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May 30 2021

Kamala Harris: Happy Long Weekend

Kamala Harris — who will be president within the next year or two as it becomes impossible for the leftist radicals actually in charge to prop up the degenerating Biden — surprised some by acknowledging that tomorrow is Memorial Day:

The tweet should have come with a soundtrack of her trademark inappropriate cackle.

She didn’t actually mention Memorial Day, but you can’t expect someone engaged in the deliberate destruction of the country to honor those who gave their lives to defend it from authoritarians like herself.

We can look forward to another shot of Kamala’s joyous smile in the fall, when she might send us a tweet wishing us a happy 20th Anniversary of September 11.

Here’s a shot of a family enjoying the happy long weekend with some time outdoors:

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 29 2021

Kamala Harris Reveals Root Causes of Border Crisis

At first, when Kamala Harris was put in charge of dealing with the border situation, some took it as confirmation that Biden’s handlers have no intention of mitigating a crisis that they deliberately created by sending out to the entire Third World an engraved invitation to climb aboard the welfare state gravy train in exchange for voting Democrat. Harris reinforced this perception by refusing even to visit the chaos Democrat policy had caused at the border. But it turns out she was actually solving the problem through the liberal tactic of addressing root causes — which in this case include LGBTQ oppression:

Harris called LGBTQ violence a “root cause” of why people flee Guatemala in a virtual meeting between Kamala Harris and the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei. The meeting was broadcast on PBS.

Guatemala, along with El Salvador and Honduras, is among the dysfunction countries most eager to displace the American population with their own.

Harris managed to drag in the whole Democrat agenda:

“We are looking at the issue of poverty and the lack, therefore, of economic opportunities; the issue of extreme weather conditions and the lack of climate adaptation; as well as corruption and the lack of good governance; and violence against women, Indigenous people, LGBTQ people, and Afro-descendants.”

The need for socialism, check. Global warming hogwash, check. Feminism, check. Critical race theory, check. Pandering to LGBTQ militants, check. Throwing American taxpayer money to the four winds, check there too:

On Monday, Kamala Harris announced an additional $310 million in aid to Central America. “$255 million will go to humanitarian relief and $55 million will go toward addressing food insecurity,” per KMOV4.

Because if we give them money when they invade our country, maybe they will stop.

The only plank of the platform she is forgetting is the need for illegal aliens (including the unaccompanied minors who are pushed across the border by the tens of thousands) to unionize.

Border security, enforcement of immigration laws, and consequences for countries that in effect are invading our own are the only relevant issues. None of these is likely to have been mentioned.

On a tip from Chuck A.

Mar 25 2021

Copresident Kamala Harris Fails to Salute

Despite the military’s top ranks getting largely purged of patriots under Obama and replaced with leftist apparatchiks, they struggle to indoctrinate the rank and file with woke ideology. That must be why moonbats like Kamala Harris are still openly contemptuous of the military.

Not even Harris is too clueless to know that it has become customary to return the salute:

This was no one-off; Not the Bee has video of other examples. As Fox News reports,

Video reviewed by Fox News showed that Harris did not salute the honor guard on Monday nor during earlier trips on March 15 and 16. She did not appear to salute when disembarking Air Force One with Biden on March 19 either.

Recent vice presidents have maintained the practice of saluting the honor guard while entering and exiting Air Force Two.

Although Joe Biden is technically still alive (despite his zombie-like performance at the press conference today), Harris has effectively already been named copresident. All federal agencies have been told to refer to it as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in official communications.

She may have to improve her rapport with the servicemembers, considering that if the Democrat agenda gets any more radical, she will be relying on them to keep the population in line.

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