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Jul 03 2023

New York Cop Emily Hirshowitz Arrested for Hoaxing

Members of preferred identity groups allegedly face hostile work environments. For example, male police officers may show resentment that less qualified people are hired to reward them for being female. That might have seemed to be the dynamic regarding the ostracization of Emily Hirshowitz. But the hoax fell through:

A New York police officer who complained for months about receiving menacing text messages from her colleagues was arrested after investigators alleged she’d been the one sending them all along.

Emily Hirshowitz, 36, of the Ossining Police Department, was charged at the Westchester District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday with four counts of third-degree falsely reporting an incident, along with three counts of first-degree filing a false instrument.

She reported threatening text messages from several numbers, and claimed that “a fellow police officer or multiple police officers at my department are involved.”

When the hoax got out of hand, Hirshowitz tried to drop the complaint. Too late; the investigation continued:

Prosecutors said the evidence quickly indicated she was in charge of several of the phone numbers that the menacing messages had come from, and that she’d likely sent them to herself.

A former cop forced to resign over separate disciplinary charges appears to have been her accomplice. Most likely, the objective was to portray her as put upon by sexists and collect some jackpot justice. If being a black woman who was fired for being late 47 times is worth $11.25 million in nearby New York City, even a white woman ought to be able to collect seven figures for having been called “useless” by male chauvinists.

Looks like she won’t be cashing in, but at least she helped raise awareness. Maybe the Ossining PD will mandate sensitivity training, as often happens in colleges even after hate hoaxes have been exposed.

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