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Apr 22 2021

Next Stop, Belarus?

Other countries serve as mileposts on the road that lies ahead of us if we continue to let leftists steer our course. A few years into the future, we will catch up to South Africa, Venezuela, and after them Zimbabwe. The one we reach first may be Belarus, where Alexander Lukashenko has resorted to increasing authoritarianism to quell resistance after “winning” a rigged election:

Over the last few days, a 13-year-old schoolgirl was detained for spraying a protest slogan on the pavement, a mother of five was jailed and charged with extremism for tea parties with her neighbours…

Tea parties? Attorney General Merrick Garland just pricked up his ears. He is currently focused on “stopping domestic violent extremists before they can attack” and “battling the spread of the kind of hate that leads to tragedies.”

Since last August, investigators have brought charges against at least 2,300 people for their involvement in the protests.

Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters have no need to fear. The tiny minority who are arrested will likely see their charges dropped. But those who attended the Trump rally that preceded the Capitol Riot may receive a visit from authorities, who are searching for thought criminals they can lock up for trespassing.

Innocuous gestures such as displaying the white-and-red protest colours have become a jailable offence in Belarus…

Similarly, the Confederate flag — long a symbol of rebellion — has been criminalized in the Democrat stronghold New York.

Fumes a Belarusian,

“We live in a time when you can get jailed for your thoughts.”

In the USA, this is called committing a hate crime. Legislation in this area will expand rapidly once the Constitution has been removed as an obstacle by packing (or intimidating) the Supreme Court.

The government is poised to harshen the repressions. One draft law would allow police to open fire at unarmed people “at their own discretion” …

Ashli Babbitt could not be reached for comment. Neither could the Capitol Police officer who apparently executed her, because authorities will not tell us his name, only that he will not be charged.

The USA will catch up to Belarus quickly if Democrats are able to impose HR1 and thereby establish single-party rule by reducing elections to banana republic charades.

On tips from Angel and ABC of the ANC.


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