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Jan 05 2021

Ten Things to Know About Raphael Warnock

In case the liberal establishment media doesn’t get around to mentioning any of these pertinent items, Breitbart lists nine things Georgia voters need to know about Senate candidate Raphael Warnock:

1. Warnock’s Wife Calls Him a ‘Great Actor’ After Alleging He Drove over Her Foot

2. Warnock Defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright

3. Warnock Says America Needs to ‘Repent for Its Worship of Whiteness’

4. Warnock Says People Cannot Serve God and the Military

5. Dr. James Cone Was Warnock’s ‘Mentor’

6. Church Where Warnock Was Pastor Hosts Fidel Castro

7. Warnock Defends Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam

8. Warnock Oversees Camp Suspected of Child Abuse

9. Warnock Does Not Denounce Marxism, Describes Marxism as Useful

Click through for details.

As for #10, Warnock appears to back defunding the police so as to create more urban chaos.

If Democrats win the Senate, they will take whatever steps necessary to consolidate power, including packing the Senate by creating new states, a strategy Nancy Pelosi endorses. Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to rule out packing the Supreme Court, should that prove expedient.

Future elections will be pointless. We will be ruled by left-wing maniacs who hate us indefinitely.

Warnock doesn’t like whiteness.


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One Response to “Ten Things to Know About Raphael Warnock”

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