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Jan 05 2021

Portland Riots Must Have Served Their Purpose

The election must really be over. The well over 100 riots that have erupted in Portland since last spring having served their political purpose, Mayor Ted Wheeler is willing to put an end to them by calling in outside help:

Wheeler requested for federal, state, and county law enforcement “to convene to deal with anarchist violence as soon as possible.” He also asked for the state legislature to increase penalties for repeat offenders of criminal destruction and vandalism.

In the past, Wheeler has pandered to the leftist rioters, handcuffing the police and resisting outside assistance despite his obvious inability to handle the situation himself. He even blamed those who offered to help for creating “the hate and the division.”

Time will tell whether Democrats can get the Black Lives Matter/Antifa genie back in the bottle now that they have conjured it.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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