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Jun 09 2023

No Escape From the Marginalized

The liberal ruling class tells us that sexual perverts are “marginalized.” This means that the brand of leftism dedicated to reorienting society around their proclivities is rammed down your throat everywhere, even in the least appropriate settings, including elementary schools…

…law enforcement offices…

…and even Cracker Barrel:

If The Waltons were still on TV, John-Boy would come out as transsexual.

No one could possibly think Cracker Barrel customers want sexual deviants shoved in their faces. But if anyone in charge cared what customers want, Anheuser-Busch and Target would not be losing money by the $billions.

The Land of the Free is now the Home of the Depraved — until sufficient pushback reverses the social engineering.

On tips from Wiggins and Franco.


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