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Jan 13 2021

PC Advertising Reaches New Extreme

Endlessly presenting interracial couples is hardly cutting edge at this point. Even transsexual children are becoming passé. It’s time for the social engineers who control the advertising industry to push the envelope. Brace yourself for the next trend: commercials featuring homosexual behavior.

From Ad Age:

Mondelez-owned Cadbury has defended a new U.K. campaign for its Cadbury Creme Egg, in which a gay couple passes a Creme Egg from mouth to mouth, after the spot attracted both celebrity praise and homophobic trolling on social media.

The ad is deliberately designed to evoke the gag reflex, as you can see for yourself by clicking here. Disapproving of this being presented on television is “homophobic trolling” — i.e., a thought crime of the type that might get you canceled.

On a tip from Henry.

Jan 01 2021

Zoox: The Moonbatmobile of Our Volition-Free Future

How will people get around after Democrats have regulated normal cars out of existence? New York magazine wants us to resort to autonomous vehicles controlled by Amazon subsidiary Zoox.

A goofy-looking Zoox minibus seats four. Here’s what’s great about it, besides being electric and not owned by you:

Zoox also doesn’t have a steering wheel. There is no way for a human driver to override its navigation. That’s actually the goal for safety experts: to achieve what’s called “level 5,” or fully autonomous travel, in vehicles with no opportunity for physical human intervention that are limited to 25 miles per hour or less.

The eradication of individual volition is also the goal of social engineers.

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Dec 01 2020

Let Them Eat Weeds

Our globalist moonbat overlords not only want us to eat insects, they also want us to eat weeds. From the World Economic Forum:

Finding new plant-based foods is becoming increasingly urgent with the world’s population forecast to grow by two billion in the next 30 years. While farming animals for meat generates 14.5% of total global greenhouse emissions, weeds capture carbon from the atmosphere and can therefore help to control climate change.

Eating a normal human diet makes it be too warm out according to progressive doctrine, so we must find alternatives.

Five advantages of eating weeds are listed: (1) they are easy to grow; (2) some contain nutrients; (3) like everything else, our diet needs diversity; (4) you can learn about soil from what weeds grow from it; and best of all (5) weeds taste great, according to the author.

Another benefit is the low price of weeds. Many can be had for free. The next time a panhandler approaches your car at a stoplight, point to the tasty and nutritious weeds sprouting up through cracks in the pavement and tell him, “Bon appétit!”

Most details of life after the Great Reset remain a mystery, but at least we have a good idea what will be on the menu for those of us who don’t hobnob at Davos: bugs and weeds.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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