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Mar 07 2024

Omnibus Includes $15 Million to Track Cows

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, et al. have decided we must not eat meat, because the weather doesn’t like it. Our provincial rulers are happy to serve their masters:

They attempt backdoor schemes to track our firearms, because everyone knows that registration is a prelude to confiscation. They are taking a similar approach with food.

The weather will be much happier when we are forced to subsist on insects in accordance with the liberal agenda.

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Sep 05 2023

Department of Transportation’s War on Transportation

In 1984, the Ministry of Truth is responsible for erasing truth because it contradicts the party’s narrative. Similarly, Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation is responsible for abolishing transportation because it is racist and offensive to the climate. Reward a moonbat mediocrity for being homosexual with a cabinet position and behold the result:

Buttigieg earlier this month appointed 24 new members to his Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity, an Obama-era body that Buttigieg is reviving after the Trump administration scrapped it. Included on the committee is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, a “spatial policy scholar” who says “ALL CARS ARE BAD” given that they cause “a myriad of environmental issues and conditions.” Another Buttigieg appointee, self-described “transportation nerd” Veronica Davis, argued in an August essay that cars perpetuate “systemic racism” and are therefore “the problem” in America’s transportation system.

Not even Democrats are delusional enough to think that electric vehicles will meet our transportation needs. They are economically impractical even with massive subsidies, there is an insufficient supply of the rare materials required by their batteries, and green energy boondoggles will not generate enough electricity to power them.

The objective is to phase us out of independent transportation altogether. Mobility is independence, and the last thing the Party of the Welfare State wants is independence. The planners will decide where people should go and when we should go there.

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Jun 09 2023

No Escape From the Marginalized

The liberal ruling class tells us that sexual perverts are “marginalized.” This means that the brand of leftism dedicated to reorienting society around their proclivities is rammed down your throat everywhere, even in the least appropriate settings, including elementary schools…

…law enforcement offices…

…and even Cracker Barrel:

If The Waltons were still on TV, John-Boy would come out as transsexual.

No one could possibly think Cracker Barrel customers want sexual deviants shoved in their faces. But if anyone in charge cared what customers want, Anheuser-Busch and Target would not be losing money by the $billions.

The Land of the Free is now the Home of the Depraved — until sufficient pushback reverses the social engineering.

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Apr 06 2023

Not a Nation of Dylan Mulvaneys

The corporate campaign to reduce America to a nation of Dylan Mulvaneys continues.

Anheuser-Busch making the jarringly repulsive female impersonator the face of Bud Light was not well received:

However, the point of advertising is not to sell products. It is to impose social engineering. Otherwise, corporations would not go out of their way to insult, disgust, and alienate their customers on behalf of ruling class ideology.

Leave it to hyperwoke Nike to push the moonbattery to a new level of absurdity:

Mulvaney unveiled [his] paid partnership with Nike on Wednesday in several posts to Instagram, where [he] wore some of the company’s activewear, including pants and a sports bra.

So eager are the libs running Nike to pander to transsexualism that they literally have a man modeling a brassiere.

Bud Light and Nike are not alone:

Mulvaney … has been especially criticized for his marketing deals with companies such as makeup brand Ulta Beauty and fashion house Kate Spade, both of which prompted accusations that he was insulting women and provoked ire among the companies’ consumer bases. …

His TikTok account has also shown him ordering a pizza from grocery delivery service Instacart to celebrate a “sleepover” and live the “moments of girlhood” he missed, using Crest toothpaste and discussing his expected dating life, and applying products from skin care brand CeraVe.

At least the revolting Dylan Mulvaney phenomenon has led to a little good news. Despite making conspicuous inroads, liberals have not yet succeeded in subverting country music to their cause:

Country music legend Travis Tritt announced Wednesday that he is dropping all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour.

Tritt says other country artists are doing the same, but won’t announce it publicly because they fear cancelation.

It only took one countermoonbat with guts — namely Ivan Provorov — to start the tide turning against the absorption of professional hockey into the LGBT activist community.

Maybe having Dylan Mulvaney rammed down our throats was the final straw. Maybe pushback is finally getting underway. It all depends on whether others have what it takes to follow the lead of Ivan Provorov and Travis Tritt.

After American culture has been restored, and we can turn on our TVs without feeling nauseated and ashamed, we must never let liberals live LGBTism down, lest they try to inflict something similar in the future.

On tips from Franco, JackisBack, StephaneDumas, and ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Feb 15 2023

Klaus Schwab Dreams Aloud of Mastering the World

The difference between the World Government Summit in Dubai and a futuristic James Bond movie is there is no 007 to rescue the world from the sinister Klaus Schwab, who is open about his ambition to “master of the world.”

Via Summit News:

Arch globalist Klaus Schwab has called for elites to come together globally in order to “master” advanced technologies, warning them that if they don’t act swiftly the world could “escape our power”.

Schwab is enthused about “Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies” like artificial intelligence that he says will produce “a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” This should entail “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.”

No one can say we were not warned:

World domination is almost in the grasp of globalist moonbats. They mustn’t let it slip away as a result of resistance by those who see themselves as individuals:

Schwab can relax. It does not look like these alarming technologies will escape the power of the liberal elite to exploit them for social engineering purposes. For example, ChapGPT displays a hard left bias as extreme as anything on MSNBC:

We do not want to go where this is headed.

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Feb 03 2023

Song Delilah Canceled

Word by word, show by show, hero by hero, and song by song, moonbat social engineers will eradicate every trace of our culture so they can replace it with transsexual BIPOC children performing sick sexual acts in a schoolroom. The latest item to be erased is the classic song “Delilah” recorded by Welsh singer Tom Jones:

While the Welsh Rugby Union removed Delilah from its half-time entertainment and music playlist during international matches in 2015, while also requesting guest choirs not to sing it more recently, the ballad has now been officially removed from choirs’ playlists.

The song, released in 1968 when it reached No. 2 in the charts, is about a jealous lover stabbing his unfaithful partner. One line reads: “I crossed the street to her house and she opened the door; she stood there laughing, I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more.”

The ban of the song, one of Sir Tom’s best-known hits, comes at a time of great change of review at the WRU in the wake of damning sexism, misogyny and racism allegations, which prompted the resignation of chief executive Steve Phillips and the promise of an external taskforce to review the governing body’s culture and behaviours.

Maybe now that a beloved song has been banned, the woke mob will no longer be thirsty for blood. Maybe progressives will realize they have inflicted enough cultural damage and leave other people alone. Maybe I will flap my arms and fly to the moon.

In contrast to the rap garbage rammed down our throats by the liberal establishment, the lyrics to Delilah hardly glorify violence:

The song tells the story of a man who passes his girlfriend’s window and sees her inside making love to another man. He waits outside all night, and then confronts her in the morning, only to have her laugh in his face. He stabs her to death, and then waits for the police to come break down the door and arrest him. The lyrics unfold from the killer’s point of view, and are filled with his, often contradictory, emotions. He speaks of Delilah in possessive terms, but also refers to himself as her “slave.” He asks his dead girlfriend to “forgive” him, but still clearly sees himself as having been wronged by her.

That’s too complicated for our moonbat overlords, who insist we adhere to a simplistic narrative of oppressed and oppressor identity groups.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn became an expert on moonbattery after watching it play out in Russia. He posthumously weighs in on the cancelation of Delilah:

“To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.”

Fans are encouraged to enjoy Delilah before it disappears completely down the memory hole:

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jan 30 2023

Let Them Eat Seaweed

Sniff our haughty moonbat rulers: Let them eat crickets. Let them eat beetleburgers. Let them eat maggot butter. Let them eat weeds. Let them eat synthetic pseudofood. Let them eat plastic trash. Let them eat lentils. Let them eat grass. Let them eat larvae. Let them eat Chef Boyardee. Let them eat wind turbine blades. Let them drink cockroach milk. Let them eat seaweed:

An area of ocean almost the size of Australia could support commercial seaweed farming around the world, providing food for humans, feed supplements for cattle, and alternative fuels, according to new research.

Making us eat seaweed “could have profound benefits to land use, emissions reduction, water and fertiliser use,” according to the researchers.

However, there is a drawback:

A review in 2019 of the risks of expanding seaweed farming in Europe highlighted concerns farms could upset the balance of marine ecosystems…

Whatever we are allowed to eat when moonbats have sufficiently consolidated power to impose utopia, it won’t taste good. But at least it won’t be offensive to the climate.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jan 24 2023

EU Approves Sneaking Powered Insects Into Food

The Liberal World Order has decided that the little people must eat bugs to prevent the climate from fluctuating, in accordance with ruling class ideology. Yet rather than mindlessly obey The Experts as most did with Covid policy, people have resisted. So our moonbat overlords are furtively sneaking insects into food. This will allow them to reveal in the near future that we have already been eating bugs, so there is no reason to object to them shutting down farms and imposing a new diet:

Partially defatted and powdered house crickets will officially be able to find their way to EU citizens’ tables starting on January 24. This comes thanks to a European Commission ruling passed earlier this month.

As per the decision, which cited the scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority, the additive is safe to use in a whole range of products, including but not limited to cereal bars, biscuits, pizza, pasta-based products, and whey powder.

No worries. There will be “appropriate” labels in case you are allergic, Jewish (eating bugs isn’t kosher), or worried about parasitic infections. So be sure to read the fine print on your pizza.

More reassurance:

EU regulations state that adult crickets have to first undergo a 24-hour fasting period so that they “discard their bowel content.” After that, the insects are frozen, washed, thermally processed, have their oil extracted and ground into powder.

There you go, perfectly healthy.

On top of crickets, the European Commission also approved earlier this month the larvae of the Alphitobius diaperinus, known as the lesser mealworm, for human consumption.

Or at least, for lesser human consumption. The odds of Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Bill Gates, et al. eating bugs remain low.

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Jan 19 2023

Elitist Moonbats on Parade in Davos

Social engineers representing what the Biden Regime calls the Liberal World Order have gathered in Davos to decide what sacrifices we little people must make to facilitate imposition of their grim vision of utopia. This self-described “select group” towers not only above deplorable normal people, but above the very earth that they presume to “save.” Our treasonous Climate Czar, the pompous personification of elitist moonbattery, describes himself and his colleagues as “almost extraterrestrial” in their grandeur:

Their egos are as massive as their hypocrisy — speaking of which, the conspicuously consuming primary prophet of their global warming cult (a single home of whom expends 21 times more energy than the average American household) reveals that the oceans are already boiling:

If only Tipper would come back and make him take his meds.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was less loquacious than Albert Gore. Watch him refuse to answer questions from Rebel News, including when Pfizer knew the vaccines would not stop Covid transmission as promised:

The prostitutes who have flooded Davos to exploit the influx of self-indulgence are charging $2,500 per night. Considering what they are asked to crawl into bed with, it’s a bargain.

On tips from Steve D, Anonymous, and seaoh.

Jan 16 2023

Let Them Eat Beetleburgers

Our moonbat overlords have decided that we must not eat food because agriculture offends the climate. But they are generous rulers, who provide us with a wide variety of alternatives, including cockroach milk, maggot butter, weeds, synthetic pseudofood, plastic trash, lentils, grass, crickets, larvae, wind turbine blades — and even beetleburgers:

Beetleburgers could soon be helping to feed the world, according to new research. The creepy crawlers’ larvae — better known as mealworms — could act as a meat alternative… The process uses a fraction of the land and water and emits a smaller carbon footprint in comparison of traditional farming.

CO2 makes plants grow. Unfortunately, this precious nutrient is regarded as haram in the moonbat religion. It offends the weather gods.

French biotech company Ynsect is planning a global network of insect farms, including nurseries and slaughterhouses.

No doubt plenty of government funding goes into the pockets of companies that make food alternatives, as with inefficient but politically correct energy alternatives. Big Government even pays farmers to stop farming by buying up their land with public money. Again, our rulers are generous.

Tenebrio molitor beetle larvae … can be turned into protein powders, shakes, burgers, cereal bars, and even cooking oils at a fraction of the environmental cost of traditional farming.

You don’t hate the environment, do you? Then shut up and eat the bugs.

On tips from Wiggins and Steve T.

Nov 15 2022

They Are Raising Your Son to Be a Ballerina Astronaut

Aveeno (owned by Johnson & Johnson) does its part for the LGBT agenda by encouraging little boys to dream of becoming ballerina astronauts:

Whatever the product, commercials sell one thing: moonbattery. The primary purpose of any institution that has been subverted by leftism is to advance it; the advertising industry is no exception.

These days, the moonbats in charge of what runs on TV have as much influence on children as their parents do. Along with their control of schools, this is how woke social engineers have been able to create a generation of Democrats:

Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 cast their ballots in favor of Democrats 63 percent of the time in the 2022 elections, exit polling data found.

Data from NBC exit polls found that the demographic, comprised of Generation Z and the Millennials, voted 63 percent for Democrats and just 35 percent for the Republicans.

Those over 30 voted Republican. The margin widens with increasing age, confirming that liberalism is a juvenile ideology that most people outgrow. We are all born Democrats, expecting to get what we want by bawling and crapping in our diapers so that someone else can clean it up.

However, there are alarming indications that Gen Z may be sufficiently psychiatrically dysfunctional not to move beyond moonbattery. According to

A new survey finds that an astounding 42 percent of those born between 1990 and 2010 – Gen Z – have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. …

One in five are in therapy. Nearly 60 percent are on some sort of medication to help manage mental health.

Transgender ideology is ideal for undermining the sanity of developing minds exposed to it.

Marxists believe that the human race can be transformed to conform to their preferences. To ensure permanent leftist rule, they need to create a population that wants and deserves it.

On a tip from seaoh.

Nov 08 2022

Human Meat Project

Once hypersecularization has allowed people to be dehumanized, anything is possible. Democrats are willing to kill viable babies at 9 months from conception on the grounds that they are not humans but just “lumps of cells.” If they could do that to innocent children, think what they would do to transphobic bigots from Jesusland, who might also turn out not to be human.

This could free up our leftist ruling class to address the mass starvation that their green energy policies would inevitably cause by collapsing the economy. Eating bugs is good enough for little people, but the liberal elite might prefer Soylent Green.

From the site Human Meat Project:

Welcome to the Human Meat Project, we are the human meat donation program. By donating bodies for human consumption, we are taking action to solve overpopulation, which leads to climate change and the greenhouse effect caused by the mass farming of livestock animals in order to feed the world.

They offer the whole moonbat package, including not only climate cultism but also diversity and equity:

We emphasize the source and origins of our human meat to deliver the diversity of our world and reveal the worrying differences of quality of life across the globe.

Our organization welcomes every nation to give back to the rest of the world. Hand in hand, we can help each other improve living conditions and the environment for everyone through this global movement.

We are told that one human body can feed up to 40 people. The site offers the opportunity to donate your own to the food supply.

Fortunately, donations are voluntary for now, and they wait until you have died on your own. But note that this is pitched as a cure for overpopulation.

The site may be parody, but that isn’t reassuring. Leftists surgically remove children’s genitals to “confirm” that they are members of the opposite sex. What they are already inflicting is crazier than parody.

Already Canada has moved to euthanize people with mental health problems, or as Nazis would have called them, “useless eaters.”

Normally progressives want to erase our cultural heritage, but they may refer back to Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal to solve the problems of hunger and excess deplorables:

Presented in the guise of an economic treatise, the essay proposes that the country ameliorate poverty in Ireland by butchering the children of the Irish poor and selling them as food to wealthy English landlords.

On a tip from Franco.

Aug 29 2022

Let Them Eat Mealworms

Moonbats love diversity. There are lots of things they will allow us to eat, even after they have consolidated power to the point that they can impose utopia in the name of the climate. In addition to cockroach milk, maggot butter, weeds, synthetic pseudofood, plastic trash, lentils, grass, crickets, larvae, and wind turbine blades, we can also eat mealworms:

Researchers In Hee Cho and Hyeyoung Park presented their development of a meaty mealworm flavoring at the American Chemical Society’s fall meeting, according to a news release issued on Wednesday. Their research, they say, is a response to the dietary demands of a growing global population and the looming climate crisis.

CNN and the ruling class it speaks for expect you to believe that the weather is a problem and that you can fix it by eating creepy-crawlies. Their contempt for you is that profound.

Insects are “truly eco-friendly and more efficient in comparison to typical livestock,” Cho said.

Too bad The Experts don’t really care much about efficiency. Then we could stop subsidizing solar and wind energy.

Here’s why anyone would want there to be such a thing as mealworm flavoring:

Cho and Park’s research focused on the flavor possibilities associated with mealworm powder, exploring how different forms of cooking can produce different flavor profiles that might make the insects more enticing to eat.

Say you are attempting to choke down the synthetic beef Bill Gates has decided we should eat. Maybe insect powder will make it seem more like food:

People trying to reduce their meat consumption could use a mealworm additive to fulfill their meaty cravings…

The scientists hope their work will “contribute to the commercial development of meat-like and savory flavorings and seasonings, and will encourage the convenience food industry to include edible insects in their products.”

Incidentally, mealworms are the first bugs listed in a study finding that eating insects can result in parasitical infection.

On a tip from Steve T.

Aug 28 2022

A Parasitological Evaluation of Edible Insects

Moonbat social engineers have made it clear that in utopia, we will wash down crickets and larvae with cockroach milk and we will be happy. As with imposing Covid tyranny, this may entail enlisting Big Tech to suppress some science. From an article entitled, “A Parasitological Evaluation of Edible Insects and Their Role in the Transmission of Parasitic Diseases to Humans and Animals”:

The aim of this study was to identify and evaluate the developmental forms of parasites colonizing edible insects in household farms and pet stores in Central Europe and to determine the potential risk of parasitic infections for humans and animals. … Parasites were detected in 244 (81.33%) out of 300 (100%) examined insect farms. […I]n 91 (30.33%) cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans. Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites.

For the Davos set, this is not a bug (so to speak) but a feature. The more of us perish of parasites from eating insects, the lower our carbon emissions. It’s not like Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates plans on eating bugs.

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