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Jun 19 2021

Nonwhites Given Another Advantage at Goldsmiths

Among the many advantages of being oppressed is that you don’t have to turn in your work on time at Goldsmiths, University of London, and you are allowed to defer tests if you don’t feel ready to take them. The pretext is “racial trauma,” although no proof of having been made upset by anything in particular is required. Whites are a minority at Goldsmiths, but they have to take their tests and turn in their work on time, unlike other minorities.

Paul Joseph Watson reports on the latest offering laid at the feet of sacred nonwhites by the leftist educrats who worship them:

The objective is the same as with everything else inspired by cultural Marxism: to stack the deck against representatives of the core population.

Following Saint George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, UCLA accounting lecturer Gordon Klein was suspended for refusing to “give black students special treatment” regarding the final exam. The hysterical obsequiousness that characterized official reaction to the Black Lives Matter riots is now becoming permanent policy, as evidenced by the new US federal holiday these riots inspired.

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