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Jun 19 2021

Twitter Begins to Merge With Democratic Party

For now, the tyranny is largely decentralized, because the Constitution forbids the sort of ham-fisted political censorship inflicted by Big Tech monopolists like Twitter and Facebook. But as the Democratic Party consolidates power, this arrangement becomes less necessary. Already, it is hard to say where the Democratic Party stops and Big Tech begins:

Via Twitchy:

Nothing to see here.

Just some redacted docs explaining how California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter.

A team that removes tweets at the request of Democrats.

If they ram through HR1/S1/For the People Act, then pack the Supreme Court to prevent it from begin overturned, the whole country will turn into California, where their demographic transformation strategy has already secured single-party rule. Not that Democrats don’t work directly with Twitter to smother dissent at the national level already.

Every minute Democrats remain in power, more freedom will be lost.

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