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Apr 04 2024

Plan to Rape and Kill Children for Transgender Rights

There isn’t time to induct every dangerous cross-dressing psychopath into the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors. But it would be remiss not to include Alexia Willie:

A trans-identified male in Illinois who threatened to commit a school shooting and rape children has pleaded guilty to one count of Interstate Communication with a Threat to Injure. Alexia Willie, also known as Jason Lee Willie, was arrested on August 14 after going on extended rants listing local children as targets.

The FBI took some time off from harassing Catholics to interrupt a live stream on social media, during which…

Willie was seen making a number of disturbing threats towards schools and local children, specifically indicating there were plots in-progress to commit a school shooting…

The FBI later determined that Willie had been issuing the threats from the period of March to August of 2023, making obscene comments about harming children in the name of “transgender rights.”

Pour poisonous ideas into diseased minds and behold the results.

Willie has a role model:

Willie expressed a desire to carry out a copy-cat killing of the horrific shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that incident, a trans-identified female left 6 dead, 3 of whom were children aged 9, in an act of brutality that left the nation stunned.

Not all of the nation. Leftists exploited Audrey Hale’s act of evil to attack our right of self-defense. Restrictions on the horrific transsexualization of children were blamed for the murders. Josselyn Berry, press secretary to Arizona’s liberal governor Katie Hobbs, tweeted a threat to shoot “transphobes.” Leftists like Madonna doubled down on propaganda portraying sexual deviants as sacred victims. The Biden Regime followed the bloodbath with a proclamation that pandered-to transsexuals are somehow oppressed, a lie that resonates with dangerous nutcases like Willie:

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their f***ing children out here…”

Willie had other plans besides murdering children for being Christian like Audrey Hale:

“I guarantee I’ll be in the bathroom raping your Christian daughters and there ain’t nothing you faggots can do about it. You hear me?”

Fortunately, the right people did hear him. Willie boasted that “the FBI isn’t gonna stop me” from killing children. Hats off to the agents who proved him wrong.

He also threatened to bomb churches. Had he acted on his intentions, his motives probably would have been hidden by authorities, like Audrey Hale’s manifesto.

Willie was referred to by “she/her” pronouns in the court records.

As a visit to NYC will quickly confirm, letting psychos run loose instead of putting them in cells for our protection is irresponsible. Egging them on in their psychosis so as to promote sexual depravity as a political ideology is less responsible still. At least Mr. Willie is in a cage where he belongs for the time being. But more kooks are spawned each day, produced by the liberal establishment on an industrial scale the way a factory farm would produce chickens.

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