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Jan 21 2023

Police Chief Apologizes for Thin Blue Line Flag

The establishment-approved race riots that raged for months on end, causing $billions in damages, have simmered down until such a time as the liberal media finds it expedient to start them up again. The explosion in violent crime that predictably followed in the wake of Black Lives Matter has caused Democrats to tone down their denunciations of local police. But that doesn’t mean showing support for the police is regarded as politically acceptable — even if you are an officer yourself:

A Minnesota police officer was forced to walk back a social media post from earlier this month, after some critics were offended he posted a Thin Blue Line flag to commemorate law enforcement on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

In a society under the thumb of moonbats, that constituted thoughtcrime.

Golden Valley Police Chief Virgil Green issued that apology over the weekend after the original post, which is now deleted, was reportedly flooded with comments bringing the intent of the symbol into question.

When the chief of police apologizes for the Thin Blue Line flag, we can hardly expect high morale among officers who are expected to face death on behalf of a hostile public, under the command of invertebrates who do not have their back.

This goes beyond Minnesota, birthplace of the Cult of George Floyd. The Thin Blue Line flag has been banned by the LAPD, lest officers take pride in their profession. Nationwide, the liberals in charge continue to abet criminals and tie police hands.

The inevitable retention and recruitment crisis will reduce the quality of officers until we have police fit for the police state progressives are progressing toward.

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