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Oct 15 2021

Politically Correct Columbine on the Way?

The hysterically intolerant attitude that characterizes progressives can reach alarming extremes among adolescents, who tend to lack critical perspective even when not deranged by leftist ideology. A moonbat parent wrote to Slate for advice:

My son, “Jack,” 14, has been maintaining a spreadsheet that tracks all of his classmate’s problematic actions.

The concerned parent doesn’t let Jack have his own computer, so that he won’t be “radicalized by alt-right websites.” However, it looks like Jack’s radicalization came from closer to home.

Some of the descriptions I saw include “has a mom who is a cop,” “no pronouns in insta bio,” “laughed at a fat joke,” “lists problematic show as one of their favorites,” “mimicked a foreign accent,” and “used cis-normative language.”

Such serious thought crimes need to be documented. They may even need to be punished.

As much as I don’t condone the behaviors mentioned, it seems a bit creepy for him to be monitoring his classmates.

Jack denies creating the spreadsheet. Most troubling of all for the woke parent,

Another concern is that we are white and some of the kids on the list are Black. Given the long history of white people policing Black existence, I question whether Jack is the right person to be taking on this task and whether it would be more appropriate coming from a BIPOC person.

Future Columbines must be committed by BIPOC persons. Otherwise, the bloodshed will not be socially just.

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