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Jan 15 2021

Professors Call for Government Censorship

The merger of Big Government and Big Tech is not the only imminent threat to basic liberty. Equally alarming is the alliance of Big Government and the education establishment, which is the true driver of the current stampede into left-wing extremism.

The Blaze reports:

In an opinion piece published by the Hill on Tuesday, professors Bill Adair and Philip Napoli, both of whom are public policy instructors at Duke University, argued that the recent storming of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters proves the need for a government panel to decide what speech ought to be permitted.

The professors shout that the “attack on the U.S. Capitol was based on lies.” People used to understand that misinformation is best corrected by accurate information, not by censorship, if only because suppressing viewpoints only drives them underground, where there is a tendency for them to become more extreme. The professors disagree:

“The lies flourished despite an extraordinary amount of debunking by fact-checkers and Washington journalists. But that fact-checking didn’t persuade the mob that stormed the Capitol — nor did it dissuade millions of other supporters of the president. Fed a steady diet of repetitive falsehoods by elected officials and partisan outlets, they believed the lies so much that they were driven to violence.”

Similarly, Black Lives Matter rioters have been inspired by provable lies regarding systemic police racism. Any professors up for having the federal government ban critical race theory?

The main reason it is difficult to dissuade people from false beliefs is that the liberal establishment, including both the mainstream media and Big Tech, have no credibility, having become thoroughly politicized by leftists.

Big Tech often hides behind “fact checkers” when censoring viewpoints and information. To get an idea of how unbiased these fact checkers are, consider that Adair is the founding editor of PolitiFact.

Adair & Napoli admit that censorship by Big Tech has failed to suppress incorrect views. That’s why they demand the still heavier fist of Big Government. Biden/Harris must establish a commission that dictates what is and is not true:

“The commission should take a broad approach and consider all possible solutions: incentives, voluntary industry reforms, education, regulations and new laws.”

They add that Biden has a unique opportunity to “seize the moment” given the fertility of the landscape now that Democrats are in power and Republican Party has been “weakened.”

Leftists do not let crises go to waste. Every unfortunate event is an opportunity to crank the ratchet toward authoritarianism.

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