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Jan 15 2021

Critical Race Theory Imposed on Third Graders

The earlier our moonbat ruling class starts the indoctrination, the more effectively it can teach America’s core population to hate itself. That’s why a school in Cupertino, California (home of Apple) started subjecting third graders to critical race theory brainwashing:

A third-grade teacher at the R.I. Meyerholz Elementary School “told the eight- and nine-year-old students that they live in a ‘dominant culture’ of ‘white, middle class, cisgender, educated, able-bodied, Christian[s]’ who ‘created and maintained’ this culture in order ‘to hold power and stay in power,'” according to Christopher F. Rufo, contributing editor of City Journal. The students live in a city where 67% of the population is Asian-American and the median household income is $171,917.

It doesn’t matter that their ideology is obvious nonsense if they drive it into the heads of children too young to question it.

A third-grader isn’t going to analyze what the word “privileged” means. All he will know at the end of the school day is that white people, men, Christians, heterosexuals, et cetera are privileged, and that to be privileged is bad. If liberals had the technology, they would instill this in the womb.

The educator purportedly commanded the students to create an “identity map,” where the children listed their “race, class, gender, religion, family structure, and other characteristics.” The teacher then instructed the third-graders to “circle the identities that hold power and privilege” on their identity maps, according to the report. Then the students were allegedly told to rank their “traits according to the hierarchy.”

Kids born with correct characteristics are taught that they are good. Kids born with incorrect characteristics are taught that they are bad. If this can be internalized effectively, they will all become moonbats for life, and reliably vote Democrat.

One of the kids’ parents grew up in China, and noticed the similarities between critical race theory and the nightmarish Cultural Revolution:

“[It divides society between] the oppressor and the oppressed, and since these identities are inborn characteristics people cannot change, the only way to change it is via violent revolution,” the parent said. “Growing up in China, I had learned it many times. The outcome is the family will be ripped apart; husband hates wife, children hate parents. I think it is already happening here.”

Healthy people react with horror to what Mao inflicted on China. Progressive social engineers consider it a success story to emulate.

When parents made a stink, the educrats agreed to suspend the program. Even now, pushback can work.


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