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Mar 30 2023

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Avi Silverberg

Some suspect that famous transvestites Kayla LeMieux and Dylan Mulvaney are not actually sexually deranged, but have been trolling to make a point (or in Mulvaney’s case, lots of money). Moonbats have lurched so far into self-parody that it is often hard to tell who is on the level. But the case of temporarily transsexual weightlifter Avi Silverberg is clear enough:

Silverberg, the head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting for more than 10 years, entered Saturday’s Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta, after identifying as a female.

Silverberg came out wearing a beard and a standard men’s singlet.

He then casually bench-pressed nearly 370 pounds — beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

This would be a blow to women’s sports — except that the women’s record was already held by a man.

The current record — 275 pounds — is held by trans athlete Anne Andres, who was seen watching Silverberg while volunteering at the event. …

The trans lifter won eight of nine competitions entered in the women’s category over the last four years, ICONS [Independent Council on Women’s Sports] said.

Trans lifter “Anne” Andres does not fare as well when competing against other men.

As Silverberg broke her [sic] record, Andres stood off to the edge of the platform area, only strolling back on after the male lifter walked off.

Could it be that a transsexual athlete has discovered the concept of shame? Apparently not:

Andres posted a series of lengthy video responses calling [Silverberg] “a coward and a bigot” with “malicious intent.”

Actually, Silverberg’s intent was chivalrous. He was standing up for women:

ICONS said Silverberg “mocked the discriminatory [Canadian Powerlifting Union] policy” that allows competitors to register for events under their “gender identity and expression, rather than their sex or gender,” vowing “no consequences” for doing so.

But Andres did suffer a consequence. He was exposed as a contemptible jerk who has been ruining the sport for the legitimate competitors.

Well played, sir. I mean ma’am.

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