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May 20 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Matt Siegel

The reason leftists can use cancel culture to muzzle dissent from their grotesque agenda is that people are too cowed by political correctness to push back. Fortunately, there are exceptions who can serve as examples to inspire the rest of us to resistance — like Boston’s Matt Siegel:

Siegel, the longtime host of “Matty in the Morning” on Kiss 108 in Boston, was back on the air Thursday morning, a day after he appeared to have quit.

Siegel told listeners Thursday he “snapped” Wednesday, after he was told to stop talking about Demi Lovato regarding the singer’s announcement that they [her preferred pronouns are now “they/them”] now identify as non-binary.

When a call came to stop laughing at Lovato, rather than issue the standard cringing apology for poking fun at transsexual absurdity, Siegel walked off his own show, leaving the impression that he would not be back.

During the segment Wednesday, Siegel told his audience he did not want to continue on air if there were limits on what he could talk about.

Afterward, management talked him into returning.

“Of course I talked to my wife about it and I talked with the company and the company told me that, they basically said please don’t quit. And they said that I have total support from them and freedom to say what I want. So I kind of won that battle,” Seigel said.

He won it on behalf of everyone who wants to speak freely like an American.

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