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Mar 15 2024

Profiles in Woke Education: Sobia Sheikh

Hatred of Israel is now politically correct. If the highest ranking Jewish official in US history belligerently sides with Hamas against Israel, imagine the slant in Seattle area public schools. From Mukilteo, Washington:

Sobia Sheikh is a math teacher at Mariner High School. Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel, she’s posted antisemitic memes to her Facebook page. They accuse Jews of bringing the terrorist attack on themselves, compare Israel to Nazi Germany and smear the Jewish people for creating a genocide and death camp in Gaza.

Israel = Nazi Germany. Modern leftism takes the inversion of reality to extremes of psychosis George Orwell never imagined.

[Sheikh’s] views of Israel and Jews are on full display, declaring in one post, “From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free.”

In other words, Death to Jews. If you disagree, you are guilty of genocide.

Shrieks Sheikh:

“Anyone who is pro-Israel on my friends list, delete me. We can’t be friends. … If you’re pro-Israel, you’re pro-killing babies. You’re pro-genocide.”

Even leftist maniacs regard killing babies as bad, so long as the context is not abortion and the babies belong to a favored identity group.

Sheikh’s intention to indoctrinate students into her ideology is on the record:

Parents Defending Freedom first reported the teacher’s “alarmingly antisemitic” posts after an investigation stemming from a public disclosure request. They asked for public records of teachers who signed onto an “Educators for Palestinian Freedom” statement. Those who signed the statement identify as “progressive educators who oppose racism and settler colonialism in all its forms.” Sheikh is listed as a signatory.

“Settler colonialism” is a Liberalese expression referring to two countries leftists want abolished, the USA and Israel.

The statement ends with a “commitment” to use their classrooms to push their anti-Israel viewpoints by “implementing project-based learning for our students on questions of social justice, and particularly on the Palestinian struggle for liberation.”

Imagine how fast she would be fired if she had signed a public pledge to convert kids to Christianity.

On a tip from Straight Shootr.


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