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Nov 19 2021

Pronoun Lunacy Imposed on New York Utilities

If you live in New York and are wondering why you received an incomprehensible letter from the power company asking about your pronouns, the answer is that moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology, so where it prevails, all human activity must be subordinated to it. Consequently, utility companies have been coercively enlisted in the campaign to impose obeisance to LGBT militants on every facet of private life.

You thought no one could be worse than Andrew Cuomo? The latest lunacy from his replacement:

Kathy Hochul signed a bill Monday that will require utility corporations, municipalities, water-works corporations, and telephone service providers to utilize each customer’s desired name and pronouns in communications.

Here’s how Hochul spends her time instead of dealing with the Empire State’s growing economic and societal problems:

By “correct” she means “politically correct.” She most definitely does not mean “biologically correct.”

This may seem like a frivolous waste of time, but it actually serves a purpose. Hochul and her fellow Democrats are establishing that the government has the power to compel speech, regardless of the First Amendment. It has the power to force people to overtly reject objective reality in favor of official ideology, just like in Orwell’s 1984.

In case legislation requires anyone to ask for my preferred pronouns, I’ll put them on the record in advance. They are “Let’s go Brandon/Let’s go Brandon.”

Speaking of New York, if your kids are “Been there, done that” about Disneyland, you might consider bringing them to the Big Apple. Democrat rule has transformed it into a theme park that offers a preview of our dystopian future if liberalism prevails. Be sure to take a ride on the subway; it is much more of a thrill than any of the rides in a traditional amusement park:

Maniacs run wild while bureaucrats micromanage pronouns. The term for this is “anarchotyranny.”

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