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Mar 08 2024

Public School Children Paid to Be Moonbat Activists

Leftist indoctrination has become a central purpose of public schools. Yet too much moonbattery is never enough to suit moonbats. So they pay children to be social justice warriors:

An activist group in California has paid nearly 100 public high schoolers $1,400 each to learn how to fight for racial and social justice, The Free Press has learned.

Activist groups get plenty of money from malevolent plutocrats like George Soros. But they have an even more lucrative source of funding — namely, taxpayers:

Contracts between Long Beach Unified School District and Californians for Justice from 2019 to 2023, exclusively obtained by The Free Press, show the school district used taxpayer funds to pay the group nearly $2 million to facilitate equity and leadership development training for students and teachers.

Californians for Justice (CFJ)…

…boasts on its site to have “trained hundreds of youth of color in Long Beach to be community leaders and organizers.”

It is unclear whether kids get bonuses for looting and committing arson during Black Lives Matter riots.

In Long Beach, the group successfully advocated for implementing “restorative justice practices” across the district’s 84 schools, according to its site.

“Restorative justice” refers to the liberal practice of bestowing cherished victim status upon criminals and rewarding rather than punishing them for their crimes.

Regular kids who do not belong to a favored identity group need not apply:

It’s unclear which students are eligible for the stipends, but the organization’s website states its “leadership development” programs operate “with a focus on low income youth, youth of color, LGBTQ youth, foster youth, and immigrant youth.”

This provides a taste of the indoctrination kids undergo:

In an October 23 Instagram post—just two weeks after terrorists invaded Israel—CFJ described the plight of the Palestinian people as “ethnic cleansing and apartheid orchestrated by white supremacist settler colonialism bent on the goal of wiping out the indigenous Palestinian population.”

In other words, these fiends advocate the rape and torture of women and children to advance the goal of eradicating Jews in their homeland.

Leftists hate regular Americans for the same reason they hate Israelis. The main difference is that they hate us more. What they approve of Hamas doing to Israelis, they will eagerly do to us the moment they have enough power.

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