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May 02 2022

Rabbi Remembers Where We Have Met George Floyd Before

If fentanyl casualty George Floyd gives history buffs déjà vu, they might be thinking of Nazi martyr Horst Wessel. Rabbi Michael Barclay points out similarities:

Like the death of George Floyd, Horst Wessel was the spark that Goebbels and Hitler used to motivate “peaceful demonstrations” that were in actuality violent riots funded and planned with the intention of gaining national power through violence and fear. In the same way that the Nazis pressured the German government to fly the Nazi flag next to the German tri-color flag, our State Department has done the same with the acceptance of the BLM flag being flown over federal buildings.

Never mind reductio ad Hitlerum. Rabbis are not known for making light of the Nazi regime. When they start remarking on the similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and radicalized Democrats, we have a problem.

The subordination of education to radical ideology is another parallel:

Teaching CRT, the 1619 Project, and values in contradiction to Biblical ethics is not the behavior of only current leftists. “After the Nazis came to power in 1933, they quickly passed new laws to make public education reflect and teach their nationalist and racial ideologies.” By 1936, 97% of German teachers were members of the National Socialist Teacher’s League and changed the school curricula to reflect Nazi values.

Similarly, American teachers tend to belong to radical unions that promote the indoctrination of children with antiwhite race hate and depraved LGBT ideology.

Democrats’ Covid decrees call to mind the emergency powers Paul von Hindenburg employed to pave the way for Hitler. Awful as the senile and incompetent Biden has been, he may serve as a bridge to someone worse still, as Hindenburg was for Hitler.

Yet another parallel is the advanced age and questionable competency of Hindenburg and Biden: Hindenburg was 84 when he seized this power and destroyed democracy in Germany.

The similarity between the Reichstag Fire and the leftist exploitation of January 6 is so obvious, Barclay didn’t bother to mention it.

The cherry on this sinister sundae is the new Ministry of Truth, a reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels’ Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

As Rabbi Barclay concludes,

What we have recently been experiencing is a direct copy of what brought and kept the Nazis in power and nearly led to the destruction of freedom in the world.

If we succumb to authoritarian maniacs like Germans did last century, who will come to our rescue? The ChiComs will defeat a military run by liberals, but they will not restore our freedom.

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